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Using a Raspberry Pi and Kali Linux, me and my daughters hack (redacted) PUBLIC WiFi!! YOU ARE NOT SAFE ON PUBLIC WiFi! Please use a VPN.

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Raspberry Pi:…

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  1. the Network Engineer tools I use:
    WAN Killer:
    IP Address Scanner:
    Network Device Scanner:
    Wifi Heat Map:
    Wifi Analyzer:
    SolarWinds NPM:


    USE COUPON CODE: networkchuck

    USE THE CODE SO YOU CAN GET 75% off 3-year plan + 1 month free.

    ?Become a 10x Engineer?

    Join NetworkChuck:

    Need help? Join the community:

  2. Aircrack -ng
    Airmon -ng

  3. i'm trying to tweak with kali linux but taking the first steps you illustrated, raspberry pi 3 gave me these problems:

    -When I enter "iwconfig wlan0 mode monitor": Error for wireless request "Set Mode": SET failde on device wlan0; Invalid Argoument

    -When I type "airodump-ng wlan0": ioctl (SIOCSIWMODE) failed: Invalid argoument

    error settings monitor mode on wlan0

    Failde initializing wireless card (s): wlan0.

    What can I do?

    I'm really determined to keep tweaking, but I need a hand. THANK YOU

  4. What keyboard do you use

  5. Why not go onto the network WITH an infected computer and, let loose some worms or, something? lulz

  6. I agree with info from the video, but it`s kinda of irrelevant at least in my country. We have 4G signal everywhere and minimum 100GB per month for around 6$. Some providers even have unlimited data plan. People don't connect to wifi hotspots in public places not because of the security risk (they don't know anything about that) but simply they never turn of mobile data because they have more than they need. The speed is good – they always have internet without having to think to much about it. Only tourist might fall into such problems. For laptops and other stuff like that we share the mobile data connection with the phone. CRACK THAT!

  7. You gangsta till you find your wife searching up how to abort a baby

  8. Dude where do you find your intro music?

  9. NetworkChuch. I was interested in trying some of this and was going to when I reached the Kali Linux website. I was about to download the Linux when my browser guard (Malwarebytes) stopped me telling me that they were trying to download a trojan virus onto my computer. I'm pretty sure this is true. Please get back to me. Thanks.

  10. Just came across this channel and I absolutely love it. Extremely informative and entertaining. Also phenomenal job describing things very precisely with your diagrams. Thank you so much man. Absolutely subscribed and enjoyed your video.

  11. Never connecting to public wifi without a VPN. I am extremely paranoid

  12. Hey guys ….I like to refer jose.ph1315 on Instagram. He is a pro hacker and I vouch for him.

    He helped me at a reasonable price.

    Stop wasting time watching videos like I did and contact him now

  13. Hey guys ….I like to refer jose.ph1315 on Instagram. He is a pro hacker and I vouch for him.

    He helped me at a reasonable price.

    Stop wasting time watching videos like I did and contact him now

  14. which raspberry pi is better for hacking 3 or 4?

  15. i love your content mister? im inspired bcoz when my daughter grows up i'll keep watching her ?? and protect her , im running GNU linux on android i keep practicing ? someday i can afford to buy a desktop for more powerfull features to use ..bcoz in android there's alot of limits

  16. help mine is now working please help i am on raspian and if i click my wifi icon i can see that wlan1 can see networks but it wont work here is what is showing up

    pi@raspberrypi:~ $ sudo aircrack-ng start wlan1
    Opening startts, please wait…
    Failed to open 'start' (2): No such file or directory
    Opening wlan1
    Failed to open 'wlan1' (2): No such file or directory
    Read 0 packets.

    No networks found, exiting.

    Quitting aircrack-ng…

  17. I just use my mobile network. It's faster and much more secure than free WiFi hotspots 🙂

  18. What happens if an employee notices that there are two diffrnst wifis and reports it? Then you're screwed.

  19. My wife and I got engaged at Conversations! I'd love to meet you there! Haha

  20. I found a tutorial on Null Byte and it involves only ettercap for DNS spoofing. Gonna try that on my home network.

  21. while attempting this on my own home wifi when i use the airodump command to view clients i see nothing. any ideas why?

  22. I wonder the actual legality of this is. like yea the law says its a felony but would they really slap you with a felony for making people go to your website? or would you really just get a fine or slap on the wrist if it was proven there was not malicious intent?

  23. The best free vpn I use is usually skyvpn or also betternet.

  24. There's an old saying: "It's better to ask for forgiveness than permission." 😉


  26. VPN won’t protect your laptop against LAN side attacks. If someone on the network is port scanning other devices, and you don’t have a firewall running on your laptop, you’re vulnerable, especially if it’s Windoze. Unless of course the network is isolating each device (L2 isolation). Better to hotspot into your phone and use your mobile plan.

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  28. Another dad
    :Let’s go to Disney land.
    This dude
    :Let’s go hack some man.

  29. Bravo six going dark

  30. Cool Shirt, Bro. Where do you get it?^^

  31. Simply do the twin attack and let them connect to all the other sites except the ones you want, just copy the html and set your own clone, you'll get their password then simply disconnect after getting their password, that's called a phishing attack

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