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  1. Hope you guys enjoy Part 1! Should I just become a part-time tech vlogger at this point? ^_^

    Sadly, I left my vlogging camera in Japan and have to wait for my cousin who lives there to ship it to me. Most of the footage for Part 2 is still on the camera which means it will be a while (~2-3 weeks) until it goes up on YouTube, so thanks in advance for your patience 😀

  2. How many people think Lyle is real?

  3. Come to Canada Buddy!!! Then you'll see the real atrocious!! Prices!!!! I buy local always because online is typically shit!! Ya never truly know what you're going to get till you've already paid for it and it's on your doorstep!!! I'm a see now!! Know it's legit now!!!! Then buy!! Kinda dude!! It's the ONLY! Way to Go!! Don't have time to worry about online bullshit!!!!

  4. he really should visit bangladesh ……..he might have a heart attack

  5. Your human washing machine was a LeG

  6. This is how every trip should start "What kind of RBG hell did we step into!"

  7. im from australia and went to japan and i thought it was so much cheaper for pc parts. usa must be so cheap

  8. that's cause you don't live in Brazil. the minimum salary here is 220usd and most tech products cost 1.5x the price.

  9. when we went to japan , i thought i was getting a steal when i buy a video card there.. hell no!

  10. Hi, Japan here. We will need you to yoink your own vid until you gain permission for using our copyrighted shitty music. I mean, city. City music.

  11. I hope you felt like a troll while that dude probably stopped and waited for you to finish your line walking with no line. LOLOLOLOL

  12. 6:22 Corona virus bro

  13. Everyone in the world: PRICES ARE SO HIGH

    people in us: lol this is kinda cheap but ill stick with this one

    us in the philippines: we dont have money, they don't even sell anything here

  14. No wonder consoles, handhelds and smartphones are so huge in Japan. Who the fuck can afford a PC while living in tiny ass overpriced city apartments

  15. Msi rtx 2080 ti 11gb here in the Philippines just costs 1000$

  16. All of these prices include tax, which at the time was about 8%. Now it's 10%. So it's still high, but some parts are not that bad when you compare it to the taxed price of the American parts.

  17. Same thing in India.

  18. Something to understand about this shop is that you get 10% cash back whenever you buy there. Then for the warranty some items could be one or two years but you just have to bring the item back and then we'll exchange right away without putting any questions. Which is a big relief that you don't need to explain the why and so on.

  19. It is true that it is expensive but we were also paid enough to be able to build one.

  20. If you want see high prices, come to Switzerland! Every Country which has an extrem higher income has also higher prices, that's normal.

  21. You should look at the prices in Australia.

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