In this video, I show you a very simple method to clean out your headphone and lightning port on your iPhone, iPad or any other smartphone or tablet.

Warning – if you are concerned about damaging your device, don’t try this method and consult your manual, manufacturer or relevant genius.

This fix removes the dust, pocket lint, dirt and other “crud” that gets caught up in your input jacks over time and can help solve some common problems, including:
1. Headphones not working when plugged…

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  1. 1. Click this link for a shorter version (less than 4 mins) showing this method –
    2. Jump to 5:40 in this video to see the actual method
    3. Watch from the start to see if this may help with your problem.
    4. Need toothpicks? –

  2. My headphones stopped working for literally no reason

  3. The toothpick technique worked! Thank you brother, you earned a like and a new subscriber!

  4. Can i ask a question? if i use some kind of wood and gently (not so gently but i try), will it still can be use after that?

  5. It doesn't work for me??

  6. Yup it worked for me #thanks_mahn??

  7. Mine just started today yesterday it was all fine and today it was fine and then tonight it’s not

  8. You talk too much…?


  10. My thing still won’t work ???

  11. Mine is messed up I can’t hear music or videos and people can’t hear me talk either

  12. Just used the "toothpick" immediately worked like a charm!!!

  13. i can't hear the explanation tho

  14. I use a paper-clip it works and if that dosnt work ask a friend to try there headphone and if they work.. Then your earbuds might be Short

  15. on my old phone the head phones won’t work but on my new phone my headphones will work… so it’s definitely not the earbuds.. ? and i don’t get it because the charger still works but not when i plug in the headphones.

  16. Watching this video without audio because my phone thinks I have a headphone plugged in ??‍♂️?

  17. Thanks! You won a subscriber and a like from me!

  18. I want to say a MASSSSSIVE THANKYOU. I'm flying tomorrow and my headphones weren't working…….. Until now ♥️??

  19. Save 9mins- USE A TOOTHPICK.

  20. Thanks a lot. You are God. You saved a lot of my money. It totally worked and now my headphone slot is working perfectly fine. The service center was telling to change the entire motherboard but by the help of your technique I have fixed it. I'm very happy. ??

  21. Too much talking get to the bloddy point zzz

  22. It's been a year and half since I bought my phone and I never tried to check my earphone jack. In fact I never thought about it. Thanks to you and your video, I'll try this out give you the feedback later..

  23. When you cant hear him because your headphones doesent work ?

  24. i tried this method after years of inactivity and it fixed my phone! Thanks so much for the tutorial!

  25. I bought this phone 1 hour ago

  26. Omg thank you so much for this. I have been frustrated with my headphone jack not working right for months. I pulled out a pretty big lent ball out if it and it works just like new again. Who would've thought

  27. When im with my headphones on the videos are pausing themselves anf volume is changing itself how can i fix it?

  28. It really works
    Keep it up

  29. I had the problem with my headphone jack… pin was not inserted properly. I visited the mobile company yesterday and tell them about problem and they told me that we will change the jack because it is faulty. They told me it will cost US$ 8.. But i refused because i knew that there is something else. I watched this video today and used this method .. And i got surprised that a lot of impurities came out from the jack and the headphone is working outstanding… Thank you for sharing such a helpful technique. Thank you very much.

  30. 6 first minutes are useless ffs

  31. So
    When i just put my phone down and then after some hour i tried to use my headphones
    And the headphones sudenly stopped
    And i can't hear any thing you saying…
    Edit: i fixed it 🙂

  32. Thanks alot Brother…God Bless You ?

  33. Holy moly thank ya!

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