There’s a new player in the wearables market and it’s Google. The company shelled out $2.1 billion for Fitbit. Here’s what to expect.

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  1. That be dark: FB – FitBit
    Illuminati confirmed.

  2. Cooooo,……

  3. Google made a smartwatch: Wear24. it fucken sucked and was discontinued within the same year. Pixel phones are decent but I'd be wary getting another Google smartwatch

  4. I'm really looking forward to a real google watch. Every google-OS wearable seems to just be OK whether that be the real WearOS or the other variants. On another front, I love my pixel too. I'm on my second — I had an original and am now on a 3.

  5. I hope they make Kids watch phones soon

  6. Jesus Christ how many times does he say Fitbit holyyyy

  7. Why is google giving me these late suggestion videos

  8. Pixels are the best. No question

  9. They have to make their smart watches affordable. Xiaomi quickly gained ground because their watches and health trackers are below $60. Granted, Xiaomi targets emerging markets and they're killing it.

  10. I hope the color scheme and overall smooth design follows the pixel. Also hope it's bezel less! If not mostly bezel less than perhaps following a similar suit to the Samsung active watch but with matte colors that match the pixel phones

  11. does this mean the versa 2 will get google assistant after all? wear os instead of the fitbit os?

  12. I’m still not going to buy one until it has a round screen like the Galaxy Watches. I love my Apple Watch, but my biggest complaint is that it isn’t round like a watch. I want it to look like a watch if it’s going to be one.

  13. Now they need to buy a headphone/ audio company like Sol Republic so they can com Pete with apples Beats headphones

  14. I hope Google make good and cheaper watches so that Apple watches become cheaper lol

  15. I went from iPhone 7 to my pixel 4 xl and I gotta say I really don't see why it's getting so much flack its such a good phone it's super smart, takes great photos, and it's just a nice experience

  16. Google should revolutionize the smart sleep alarm. That would would be a game-changer for mental health.

  17. Idk about wear os I kind of like fitbit os

  18. You’re so dumb it is alphabet who bought Fitbit. Fitbit won’t be under the google umbrella just part of the alphabet conglomerate. You’re welcome.

  19. 2:57 They'll probably just make some messaging app and then kill the whole thing.

  20. I drop my google pixel 3a xl in a puddle for 4 seconds and it works fine, the speaker were a bit wet and sounded funny, but they dried in half an hour and went back to normal

  21. So they're acquiring fit bit technology so they can get Google fit, assistant and wear os in them change them up and make a Google watch

  22. Where the F is the watch Google!

  23. I love my pixel 3

  24. Google will mess it up. I wish Fitbit was a standalone forever. More data collection for Google. Yikes!

  25. The only pixel Google got right is the 3a blahahaha

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