Joanna Stern of The Wall Street Journal and Dennis Berman of Lazard discuss Google’s move to buy Fitbit for $2.1 billion.

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  1. Is Google going to COPPA Fitbit too lol

  2. This is why my fitbit is in garbage can. FU Google

  3. They'll but it and sell out to a Chinese company ?

  4. I'll never use my Fitbit again

    Google ruin everything

  5. Their buying up wearables because that's how our cash and health insurance will b controlled in the near future and they want control.

  6. IMHO. All watches including Apple Garmin Fitbit and ofcos Google wear os, are all IMMATURE and are plagued by some inadequacies or the other.
    Eg. Ms Stern said that she generally wears ( the so called fabulous market leader) Apple watch but it's battery was dead hence she didn't wear anything.
    Nokia 2110 was launched approx 1993 And it took mobiles at least 25 years to become truly usebl and beyond. We shud give watches at least another 15 more years to mature.

  7. Health data is what they're after. Data sciences will be even bigger than it currently is. Google can now sell the fitness data to health companies.

  8. Google is simply buying Data.

  9. Google has too much data … I will be scared if they acquire anything that is made well. The future is the internet of things …. Google assistant is number one in AI … imagine if it knew your health data

  10. Joanna Stern just killing it.

  11. why didn't they acquire garmin?

  12. I love Fitbit.
    But I don’t like the sound of this at all.
    Fitbit was one of the few lone good companies.
    Whether or not google worsens them, their brand value has taken a dip for me.

  13. Apple Watch works so well because of thee horizontal use and interface d

  14. Google is too late. Too many smartwatches now to compete with that can do all fitbit does.

  15. Onl problem is that I want Apple Watch but have Android phone and not going to trade the convenience of it to an frankly ugly Apple phone by today's standart.

  16. 1:30 “no better company than fitbit, maybe Garmin”. Two different markets – smart watch vs workout watch. As a triathlete, Garmin doesn’t compete against iwatch – there are enough in the Garmin space. They are the top dog on quality health/workout data

  17. Health insurance

  18. Americans are a different market and they view the world from their myopic American view. Apple's iOS atypically holds about 50% market share in the US even though globally, the Android market share is over 80%. Smart wearables are a nascent market, give some more time and globally it may well be a repeat of windows vs Mac or android vs iOS history. One company cannot fight an industry.

  19. I have a fit bit and an iPhone lol

  20. Wait till they buy the department of justice and acquires the data of the people in the witness protection program

  21. "Apple watch success" lol. Never seen anyone with an Apple watch. Is this some US thing to walk around with a smartwatch and look stupid?

  22. They need that eco system to even have a chance to compete with Apple in any market

  23. Same reason amazon bought whole foods, data

  24. Gobble gobble , MONOPOLY !
    You LOSE !

  25. deep mind, ai , health, diagnostics, cloud etc..its not all about consumer retail sometimes

  26. This is my opinion. Apple has become a luxury brand. Wearing watches was a fashion statement. The only way google or any other company can complete is to not complete. Apple had siri for years, but was overruled by amazons alexa. Being able to come up with products that define its company is crucial For example when I think google I think knowledge. This is because If I need to know anything is one search away.

  27. Google’s last successful innovation is chrome browser and Android. That was 10 years ago. Android wear came before Apple watch. Remember the craze about smart watch with round face. At that time Apple just released their first gen Apple watch which was so buggy and slow. Fast forward 4 years Apple watch is THE SMART WATCH. Where is Android wear now?

  28. So what's on your wrist?
    – my Apple watch was death this morning ??‍♂️.
    That's why I use a Garmin watch, a proper fitness watch with a 1 week or more battery life

  29. But you think that the EU and even the US will approve this due to the negative lens most people look at BIG DATA companies . Great work CNBC godspeed

  30. 1:02 Actually, yes. I have seen one lately. And I hear about them all the time. I just seen one today. Galaxy Watches are really popular and you can't act like they aren't.

  31. Google should resurrect pebble os from the grave. Still my favorite smartwatch.

  32. Trust over Fitbit is lost if Google buying it .

  33. Here's why Google is buying SnitchBit.

  34. Because your health information is the only data they didn't have.

  35. Google wants to jump in the smartwatch market cause their Android Wear failed.

  36. it is all about the data, they are buying our data

  37. Fitbit is not even close to SAMSUNG

  38. Yeah, cuz a watch that battery dies in 12h instead of 2 years, is how you survive the apocalypse.
    I have a solar watch.
    F APPL
    F GOOG

  39. Google seems to be hit or miss when it comes to entering new markets. Remember Allo? Google Play Music? Google+? Google Video? Android TV? Android for tablets? Android Wear? Android Things? Okay I’ll stop

  40. very happy about all this, i buy 10,000 shares at 2.90.. yahoooo!!

  41. They all missed one thing, brand loyalty, Fitbit users all went to Apple watch already, even if google owns Fitbit i think they're prestige and uniqueness has been burnt out, no one wants a fitbit anymore that costs close to an apple watch and it will always be the inferior product "why didnt you get the apple watch instead?"

  42. I have a samsung watch, it's great. Glad to see your analysis is based on actual data …

  43. Idk about you but Americans are sheep for apple if you didn't know. Most people don't even want to be free from apple's walled garden.

  44. Why does Google always take forever to get into the hardware game?

  45. Cant believe people are buying into watches…….

  46. Next they will buy AOL

  47. apple is sucks, google is definitely the best, i hope this acquisition is a good decision for google

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