With the release of new iPad Pros today at Apple’s NYC event, I thought I’d update the previous History of the iPad video I made a year ago. Discover every iPad model Apple has made, including the iPad mini, iPad Air, and iPad Pro. Each generation is displayed chronologically so you can follow the story of the iPad as accurately as possible. Enjoy!

Music: Summer – Bensound

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  1. I'm experimenting with a wider 18:9 aspect ratio for my videos to accommodate newer devices with taller displays. Let me know what you think!

  2. From freshmen to senior year of high school, we used iPads for school. Every student was issued an iPad. I’m not kidding. We had to return them at the end of the year. For the seniors, they returned the iPads before graduation and never got them back as the iPads belonged to the school. I believe they were gen 2 iPads but it’s been years since high school. It feels like a blur. From 2014 and beyond, we weren’t allowed to have games on our iPads anymore cause the previous year and the year before most students played games instead of working on assignments. If anyone had an app that wasn’t school related or school appropriate, they’d receive a warning saying to remove the app or else the iPad would be locked. If their iPad was locked, they had to take it to someone to unlock it. I have an iPad of my own now and it isn’t owned by the school. It’s mine as I put it in layaway and paid for it with my own money from working. My iPad is a generation six and I love it. I am hoping to get an iPad mini later on cause to me, mini things are cute.

  3. I think mine is 5th gen or 6 jen

  4. They keep getting skinny they were fat at start

  5. My current iPad: 0:23
    My iPad I lost to have my current one: 1:48
    The one I'm getting next month: 3:36

    Guys my current one is on iOS 10 so it's fine I can handle it

  6. Where is the iPad 7

  7. who remembers the game center as an app?

    this music is vibes 2 una


  8. My iPad im using right now 2:48

  9. 3:29 my daily driver it’s also grey

  10. 0:06 there is no camera ipad

  11. my ipad case is for 2:34

  12. The 3rd gen and the 4th gen don’t have a difference

  13. 0:19 used to be my iPad

  14. 0:52 is my iPad and it has 1,000,000 different scratches and the latest software that I'm using is iOS 10.3.3 ?

  15. 3:40 my current ipad

  16. I love how the iPad 4th gen can support an amazing 128GB of storage, but only gives you a 0.3 MP front camera lol

  17. 1:00 I used in 2013
    1:26 I used silver iPad mini 2 in 2015
    1:21 I used in 2016 2019

  18. Watching on my iPad mini 5?

  19. My ipad is Ipad Air 2

  20. 3:28 This is my iPad ❤️

  21. Im using THE iPad 5th gen

  22. 0:06 i have that iPad and it's still walking right now

  23. My iPad changed from 2:07 to 3:28

  24. Who else is here to see what type of iPad they have?
    Just me..


    Mine is iPad 6th gen

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