When it comes to fitness trackers, there are very few consistent big names that we think of. Fitbit is probably the most well-known and respected, while others like Garmin and Samsung trail a little bit behind. Smartphone companies want a slice of the pie as well, as both Honor and Xiaomi have their own fitness bands as well. In this mini-review, we’re going to compare the Honor Band 5, and the Fitbit Inspire HR on metrics such as heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, step counts, and…

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  1. fitbit should change its name to fitshit, had a charge 2 once, a fitnesstracker wich is not water resist, how dirty is that for a sports band

  2. Thanks for sharing the nice video, can i ask for business enquiry? i didn't see any email.

  3. I have the fitbit charge 3 and it counts every little movement as a step. I end up with thousands more steps on the fitbit than my honor 4

  4. This guy obviously knows nothing about Fitbit you can change the watch face for one within the app He's saying you have to log into the website total BS…

  5. Best band – The Tulla Ceile Band.

  6. U should also include Mi Band 4. Mi Band's are value champion's.

  7. i'm a simple man, i see commie products i downboat

  8. The problem with honor 5 is Bluetooth is always on which might cause cancer because of SAR Value

  9. Fitbit has one big problem and that is that they are smaller than the market that they serve needs them to be.

  10. Lol. There's only one king, Xiaomi Mi Band.

  11. I am using the Honor band 5 and there is only one thing piss me off is that it merges the step from the phone and from the band itself. So the step counts never accurate. My band always shows less steps 4han the app. And there is no option to turn off the to sync the steps from the mobile.
    And many times when I do not carry my phone with me just the band on my wrist, just doesn't count the steps.
    Otherwise everything else is pretty good and I like it. Of Huawei can fix this step counts this could be the best budget fitness tracker on the market.

  12. First sentence and i have to dislike 😂

    Sounds like a sponsored video lol

  13. I have honor Band 5 and it is just amazing

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