Learn how to sync your Apple Watch steps to the Fitbit app using myFitnessSync, an app for iPhone.
Find the app in the app store here:

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  1. Do I need to turn off MobileTrack on my fitbit app for it to work? Cos when I try to sync it keeps coming up with an error

  2. I can only fin the version that cost $5.99. Do you know if there is a version like this app that is free? Thx!

  3. I just downloaded and it didn’t not sync for yesterday but synced today. Pls help me fix this

  4. Does this transfer step data from my phone, or just steps counted by my phone?

  5. Do I have to sync this app every time in order for it to show on Fitbit?

  6. I got it to finally work…do I have to manually sync every time or does it automatically sync? And thanks! Seem to be working ok but won’t really know for a couple of days

  7. is it possible to sync other activity data like calories burned except from just steps?

  8. Hi, I did all this and most of my stuff synced but I can’t get my steps to show on my Fitbit app. I’ve tried everything

  9. It syncs on the dashboard but not on the competition parts.. any reason why? I am having trouble with that.

  10. Will this also sync workouts and heart rate?

  11. will it sync historical data or start from the when you first sync it?

  12. Does this still work? I don't want to pay $5.99 to find out it's not compatible anymore.

  13. I would like to wear my fitbit when playing basketball but my Apple watch the rest of the time. Is it possible to combine both so they show up on the fitbit app?

  14. Download the App and was able to sync my apple watch and add the steps to Fitbit App.

  15. omg i cant get my steps on the app

  16. Can’t find this in the App Store. I find Fitbit to Health but not the other way around.

  17. Can I get my steps to my Fitbit challenges also?

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