“Freemium” games can end up gaming gamers.

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The “freemium” business model allows us to use an app for free with the option to purchase additional features. In the case of games, that model can fundamentally alter the user experience, from gaming to getting gamed.

By collecting troves of data on how users play their games, developers have mastered the science of applied addiction. And with the rise of “freemium” games that rely on…

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  1. I never play free games, they just money pits and the more money you put in the less you're willing to stop and some become impossible to play after a while. They're just there to make the developers as much money as possible.

    It would be like paying to watch a portion of a film.

  2. just play free games that only cost money (one way or another) when you buy aesthetics that do absolutely nothing other than look cool. (like dota2 or something)

  3. Live the world guys don't have lost in this vertual world

  4. There is something called "mod apk"

  5. 1:46– “how much real money does incense cost? Yeah, I don’t know either.”
    But, it’s easy: the answer is 73 cents.

  6. anyone catch the pokemon go ad at the end

  7. Lucky Patcher/GameGurdian

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  12. Get a modded apk dude.

  13. Modified Apps? Lucky Patcher? In-app purchases and lvl mods? Are people really paying real money? Lol

  14. But 100 Pokecoins cost cheaper

  15. Can an app with access to your contacts transfer all of your contacts to the app developer?

  16. EA doesn't want you to know all about this.

  17. that 1% is a giant loser to be spending a lot of money

  18. Some random person: Imagine if there was a game company that sold games that you have to pay for to play, but that also included microtransactions! That couldn't possibly exist.
    EA: ?

  19. Do an updated one for fortnite


  21. That's the reason for which man kind has invented "CHEAT ENGINE & GAME GUARDIAN". ?

  22. I guess you've never heard of gacha games

  23. 1:47 it’s 72 pennies per incense

  24. Is tinder also a game?

  25. I have 2 examples of the downsides of this system.

    1. You can't buy original Cut the Rope anymore. The current version has ads and pushes power-ups in a game never designed for them. If you want the original version you need to buy the 3DS version now.

    2. Sonic 1, 2 and CD bought on Google Play keep SEGA ads in them. The games cost 2 usd each. The Amazon appstore versions cost 3 usd each and are 100% ad-free.

    I don't know about all of you but, I think the extra dollar is worth a lifetime of no ads.

    Anyways this is just my thoughts, let me know what you guys think I love finding apps that are not predatory.

  26. 1 vBuck is worth 1 cent

  27. Everyone knows this common.


  29. That strategy will not work on me.
    I got my PS4 as a gift from a friend and I even take it's games from them for a period of time.???

  30. I just got an ad of danny devito asking me to contribute to sanders campaign

  31. 1:38 As bayrakları as as as

  32. Jamie Lee Curtis, is that you?


  34. I never pay real money for in game currency, especially when it comes to those unfair mobile games that keep pushing you to make a purchase. There is a great game on the playstore called Cafeland and it almost never pushes you to buy in game currency. I really recommend it.

  35. Ugh this is why i don't play phone games

  36. Knowledge is power ❤

  37. Paid games give developers a chance to update the games

    Every single triple A developer: Allow is to introduce our selves

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