As my 13” MacBook Air began to show it’s age and I didn’t see any Apple laptop hardware that looked interesting, I decided to take a stab at getting my iPad working as a web development machine. With a few days research and a bit of money spent, I turned my iPad Pro into a stellar web development machine.

As it stands, I rarely even need to turn my MacBook Air on anymore. I can do all my client work directly from my iPad without any issues.

There are really four main applications on…

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  1. Thanks a lot useful video and detailed!!

  2. Very cool. I am using Elementor to maintain my personal website and, unfortunately, it is not compatible with iOS. Neat to see what others are able to do though.

  3. So my designer gives me an .ai (illustrator) file with the website design and specifications. How would you reckon that I can open that and extract elements from the illustrator file on the iPad only?

  4. Nice video, thanks for that. I'd also throw-in the Terminus app for remote server work. It is certainly possible to use iOS device to do some minor work but having to do a proper development on the remote server doesn't sound convincing. I do lot of my work while travelling and having a local server and repos is so much more convenient. I think that until iOS devices are powerful enough to run eg. a virtual machines I'll stick to a laptop 😉 And having said that you don't really need the macOS for development… sure it is nice but u can go away with a good Linux based machine for a fraction of the cost of an iPad pro 😉

  5. Can I develop software on iPad?

  6. Pythonista is one of the best coding apps I've ever used especially when I learned about StaSh and could pip

  7. does ipad has any software like laragon? so it can develop laravel

  8. Bought an iPad Pro and the Smart Keyboard folio and I haven’t touched my beast of a laptop since

  9. I use the PythonAnywhere website


  11. Hi I am expert level wordpress designer:
    I am considering iPad for travel but in my opinion its browser inspector is not the best. I need your opinion. Thanks.

    I wish we could have Chrome devtools on ipad that will kill all the competitions.

  12. Buen dia, Que tal? Saludo desde Hidalgo Mex. Buen video, Alguien aquí que busque intercambio de links? Tengo algunas páginas web Para mejorar el SEO de una de mis pags. y mi contacto esta en mi usuario Gracias Hasta luego

  13. @Curtis McHale Could I achieve this same setup on the 2018 iPad 9.7 (non-pro)?

  14. you have 666 subscribers and I don't want to break it by subscribing but I really want to have your exact setup. #firstworldproblems. 🙁

  15. Hi Curtis, thanks for this video. It’s great to just use the iPad. What is the best way to easily build websites that can handle workflows and the respective data? Many thanks.

  16. Hmm can’t find dash on app store

  17. Hi! Curtis… all I can say is wow! I’ve been trying too configure a iPad system for WordPress, php, CakePHP, html,css & js.. I’m just starting out and learning as much as I can but I’m glad that you posted this video, now I know it’s possible I just need too get a work flow together and finally get started…awesome✌️

  18. What is your workflow with the apps.
    I mean, I am knowledgeable enough to understand your requirements and your setup.

    For eg.
    I only know that I can code some languages and i'll need a server to deploy them. Then a browser and some ftp client.

    My requirements will be :
    Text editor (to write code)
    Ftp client (to sync local & remote servers)
    local server (app to create a local server)
    remote server (paid service)
    browser (to test code)
    inspecting/console tools

    I did not understand why you used Mosh or ssh client to connect to digital ocean server, or why you need vim..etc.
    I think using coda is your preference/choice, and there might be other alternatives
    ergo web tools, i agree, a useful software
    dash, yes, this as well, great software

    If you could explain why would a web dev require a mosh/ssh/blink/vim in their workflow…

  19. Thank you!
    That was very helpful!

  20. You look like Abraham Lincoln

  21. I truly hope your clients don't pay you hourly.

  22. I have "Buffer" instead of "Coda" and "Blink"

  23. Nice work. Which app do you use to record the screen of your iPad?

  24. So can I come on iPad air 3?

  25. I use iPad since Apple released iPad Pro, I have problem with WordPress admin UI and all the WordPress plugins UI. How you work with WordPress ?

  26. Is it possible to inspect elements on webpages using Chrome DevTools somehow on iPad?

  27. Anyone have a solution for actually doing full stack dev through an iPhone/iPad? When I’m on the go I don’t always have my Dev machines and right now I only have the ability to login to my servers and check things but looking for something suitable for full stack Dev through my phone.

  28. Working copy + texastic works perfect instead of coda.
    Then you can just push your code and let the server trigger a build.

  29. Can I do email marketing using the iPad?

  30. Curtis, I really enjoyed this video and wish there were more like it. I am a big fan of the iPad and try to do most things on it too. A big question for you; How do you navigate between apps and how do you move the cursor within apps? It looks like you are doing all of this from a keyboard and not the touch screen. What keys do you use? Maybe you could show us that. Again, great video and I hope to see more like it. I don’t want to own another laptop ever again…

  31. Could you help me set up S3 web (Alexa Skill) development on my iPad? I'd like to use Coda. I

  32. configuring a CMS doesn't make you a web developer. It's like saying assembling Ikea makes you a carpenter.

  33. Do you use Cloud programming to achieve this? How to get ones projects up on github? How to use Atom and how to get a terminal? It seems interesting but I wonder when you feel it is not going to be suitable? Which kind of projects is it not good for?

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