Hey everyone! In todays video I show you how I take notes on my iPad 2018 for university. Taking notes on my iPad has totally changed my study routine and makes taking notes slightly more enjoyable.

iPad Case:
Apple Pencil Grip:

Hello! I’m Ashley and I’m currently a second year…

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  1. Wow, you're smart !! In a good way !

  2. Would you say it lags on the 6th gen? (Goodnotes)

  3. i have been using this laptop to take note
    very nice and very very affordadable.

  4. Does the pencil fit in the slot with the pencil grip on it?

  5. What is the name of the app u used to make ur titles……!?

  6. Is it the 6th generation Ipad?

  7. Ahh we have the same case! I have it on my iPad Air 3rd Gen 🙂

  8. estas bien pinche guapa!

  9. Yippee I ordered it today. Eagerly waiting.

  10. This is this most coolest thing I found today

  11. happy birthday!

  12. Wow you made my purchase easy Ashley:-)

  13. I see that tomorrow is your birthday (description) happy early birthday

  14. That intro was hella energetic and I'm here for it

  15. These are my outliers

  16. Did you used paper like screen protector

  17. Plz can anyone reply , will there be any price drop in normal ipad or ipad air by next year? Current prices are too much for me but I feel it'll be really useful as a medical student. Anyone with good apple product knowledge kindly help me out.

  18. Is 32 GB enough storage for your notes, or do you buy expanded cloud storage every month?

  19. OMG!! Thanks for the tip on the free title app. I was already gutted, thinking would need to buy Procreate in order to make cute titles for my notes! This is a very useful video!

  20. What is the name of the Font App?

  21. I personally like the surface pro, because I can use it as a tablet and and full on PC, very versatile. I was going to go with the iPad, but the surface has everything I wanted.

  22. I have the 10.5 inch iPad Pro but my handwriting looks like vomit

  23. 32GB is not enough for you :/

  24. Hello i’m French so sorry for my orthograph.
    What application you use for make good title ?

  25. OMG WE HAVE THE SAME BIRTHDAY AND AGE! THAT SO COOL! Thanks for the video I loved it!

  26. how much gb do you have?

  27. Wow, it's like my ipad pro case

  28. Omg I have the same iPad and the same wallpaper?

  29. I’m getting a comp notebook case and a paper like screen protector with a pencil skin for my Apple Pencil XD

  30. Is 32gb enough storage? Like did u ever run out of storage for your notes?

  31. I think I’m going to use GoodNotes 4 because 5 is terrible

  32. Is that drag and drop feature from GoodNotes? Or even the iPad have that?

  33. I have a question that's been on my mind about using the ipad for note taking. Is there a program that will translate the written text into text? Like a word document type text? Does anyone know? Thank you.

  34. Wow good review thanks

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