Ever wanted to become a paperless student in college but not sure where to start? In today’s video I’m showing you how I take all of my pre-nursing school notes on my iPad and how it’s made me so much more organized. Switching to paperless for school can seem intimidating at first, but the learning curve isn’t too bad if you use a note taking app like Goodnotes. Plus, with a 6th gen iPad, you don’t even have to…

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  1. What apps is it

  2. i have a question for college students, do you guys take lecture notes on your ipad during class or do you just take them from your textbook?

  3. Whats the digital agenda you used ?

  4. I just realized that my note taking style is way too naive and I got many good note taking ideas from this video. Thanks slot.

  5. Since your pencil won’t fit in the iPad case because of the grip, where do you put your pencil when you’re not using it?

  6. What was the planner app?

  7. I know I cant and won't ever be able to get my hands on an iPad or actually anything I want because my family is financially struggling and my mom just doesnt like changes, but because of that it motivates me to complete nursing school and move on the NP school so my kids can have what they need to excel and feel good about themselves.

  8. is that just an apple stylus with a case?

  9. Do you still have to pay for good notes on the iPad Pro

  10. and then i realized i dont wanna go into med school no more….

  11. Can you please make a video on how you were able to get your textbooks onto your iPad? Like, from start to finish? Please….. thanks!

  12. Which digital planner do you use?

  13. Is there a way to transfer audio to goodnotes or notability?

  14. Really wish Goodnotes would allow you to record lectures.

  15. I have notability and have had it for about a year or so, and I can say it has changed the game for me. I love recording lectures, especially exam reviews; split screen w my textbooks or homework pages; and easy upload to onedrive, which makes it super easy share among classmates. However I’m considering goodnotes just to try it out, but we’ll see. Anyway great video girlie❣️❣️

  16. You should talk lauder than music.

  17. How did got get your textbooks to google drive?

  18. Thank you so much for this video. This also looks like it will work really well for a writer like myself as well.

  19. Everything about this video is so aesthetic

  20. Which I pad do you have ?

  21. All that screen time would hurt my eyes lol

  22. Really debating on getting an iPad instead of a MacBook lol! I currently have an old hp laptop that’s about 5 years old lol

  23. Does your pencil still fill in the iPad with the case?

  24. Other than ipad pro, wat kind of ipad shud i buy that is budget frenly n i am a nursing student

  25. Thank you. I like your iPad cover, can you tell me which one it is? It looks like it has a holder for the pencil.

  26. I’ve been obsessed with these videos. I wanna get an iPad instead of a laptop now

  27. I’ve heard that it helps to write down notes even if your teacher has already given you the PowerPoint. I think writing them on the iPad is much more efficient because you’re not wasting paper and you’re sinking the knowledge into your mind

  28. I am trying soo hard to go paperless. I have been using my ipad and apple pen and every time I use it my text disappears. I have to hold my hand completely over the ipad and not touch it and it just makes it awkward.

  29. hello. does your apple pencil fit in the case with the sleeve on it?

  30. I just purchased the iPad (7th gen) and I'm honestly a bit hesistant about the purchase because it is a hefty investment for note taking, but your video is reassuring

  31. I’ve been using an iPad since March and it’s helped me so much in my STEM classes. My notes are so munch prettier and all my textbooks and powerpoints are accessible anytime

  32. Does you own fits into the case pen slot with that pen case? Mine doesn’t ?

  33. How do you write reports/papers?

  34. great video ..but fix the sound

  35. I am still wondering which one is more suitable for me between the 128GB version vs 32GB of 6th generation IPAD 2018 9.7" when I mostly use IPAD for taking notes or saving some important documents or downloading some favourite books? Can you guys give me some advices? Because I think the 32GB would be not big enough for me to save these things?
    Please help me!!!!!!

  36. That music don’t let me hear ? you

  37. i really want that other video on how you take your notes

  38. Great video. Best wishes to you with school.

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