Hi angels,

Here is an updated review of how I use my Apple iPad Pro to take notes for college. I wanted to also include a few more features including how to view the apple pencil battery percentage, and my iPad case as well since I had a few questions about that in my last video. I also talk about which apps I use. I hope this video is helpful and informative(:

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  1. What is the full name of the iPad (from what year)???

  2. Great vid!, I love it!, can u tell me where did u get this cover? It’s very cute:(❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. Where do you buy your online textbook?

  4. Where you get the charger for the pencil?

  5. Can you write what kind of app you use to save note and organize all the information?

  6. Very informative

  7. I’m planning on getting that case! However I have the space gray version so I’m not sure what color to get

  8. Thank you so I. How the iPad pro would work with my school work in college.

  9. How long does your Apple pencil battery last? I'm getting my iPad pro 12.9 pro 2nd gen tmmr. Super excited!!

  10. Can you link your wallpapers please

  11. Hello, how many apps can you download with 32 GB iPad device?

  12. Do you regret the size?? Do you find it portable enough with everything else when traveling and keeping your school work at your finger tips?

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