A guide to choosing the best computers for architecture. Whether you’re a student, pro, or in a related discipline, this video will walk you through my methodology and selection criteria. I discuss in detail:
– Laptops vs. Desktop Systems
– Mac vs. Windows
– Software (commonly used and requirements)
– Hardware: CPU, Graphics Cards, Monitors
Along with this, you’ll see why I chose the system I did and what it means to my architecture practice. A truly behind-the-scenes look at my architecture…

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  1. I have been using Auto Cad for some time now u recommend me trying other software.. just want opinion

  2. please update video, would love to here your suggestions

  3. Thanks for the detailed information. It sure helped me get into the direction that is best for my needs.

  4. Sir, do you have architecture firm, or you only work solo.

  5. Apple keyboards are the worst! Like they're made for aliens who don't type.

  6. Excellent Content! Very down to earth and concise!

  7. Hello brw
    I'm a interior designer. I think this time to buy a laptop for my professional use. I'm mainly use 3ds max, autocad and photoshop these softwares.
    Pls to refer some models brw

  8. great content buddy..!

  9. If you want a simple advice : never buy apple.

  10. thanks!! i’m preparing to buy a laptop for architecture school (after creating my portfolio killed my basic specs macbook pro) and this was super helpful

  11. Hi all MUJI A5 DOUBLE RING sketch books are dotted grid.Can you send me the link where can i purchase exact sketchbooks that you use? plain paper..cheers

  12. Hello…!??i liked u r video very informative thanku

  13. Im in a search for a best 13" laptop for my productivity and sork. I usually run autocad, sketchup, vray, excels, powerpoint and browser. Im not tied to apple ecosystem and i hate that in my country, software resources are limited for macos. But for portability i wanted to invest into the mac pro 13 2019. Also i like the looks of the dell xps 13 but the problem is, its prone to thermal throttling and has a limited port selection. Any other suggestion for a device that would cater my needs. Thanks. Big fan of your channel. Helped me in alot in starting a firm of my own.

  14. Need a help I'm a beginner in autodesk inventor would you recommend me to go for ThinkPad t590 corei5 8th gen
    8gb ram , 2gb mx250 graphic card

  15. I really like you know I have understand the different between the laptop and also I can buy laptop for my university thank you very much .can you make course for the architecture student

  16. What's the brand and model of your watch??

    It's so minimal!!

  17. Thank you for the precious information and i loved your work space and how the sun go through it . Have a good day.

  18. Wow excellent video …. and sexy eyes ? greetings from Paris ??

  19. I would recommend avoiding Dell. You WILL have problems with it and their customer service is the worst in the industry.

  20. Hey what is with the surface laptops

  21. Thanks a lot SHEIKH architect. Very informative and educational.

  22. I guess now legion is one of the most powerful laptops .. for architect

  23. Do you think that MacBook Pro 2019 15” with i7 and SSD256 is good for Revit, AutoCAD?

  24. thanks for the useful information

  25. Mac is too expensive for nothing IMO for the same price u can get entry level gaming laptops (yes, gaming) why? Most 3d modeling softwares such as lumion, 3dsmax, and Maya require a strong processor and GPU and gaming laptops have both of em and are closer to expensive workstation laptops.

  26. Is 13 inch laptop a bad idea? I find it easier to take around

  27. Looking into new systems and considering Apple. Is it simple to use files between Mac and windows?

  28. Thank you so much

  29. Do you preffer prismacolors over the rest or just choose that brand.

  30. hello and thankyou

  31. No Linux option? N00b

  32. Build an itx pc with a case and volume less than 10L like a ML08-H, please don’t buy apple or any high end laptop… not only are you paying more for the same performance as a similar pc but you’re lucky if a laptop lasts even half as long as a pc. If you’re worried about not having a super thin computer to wow your friends because you’ve got an ego to stroke, a pc can be reduced to nothing more than a keyboard and portable monitor. But please please please, coming from someone who went down the laptop path especially apple anything, it is not worth it if you are even modestly serious about what you are doing.

  33. Hello!
    Very well informative video.?

  34. Now make September 2019 version of this video..please include rendering portion also…

  35. Don’t get Mac. A lot of program aren’t even aivable on Mac. The best answer is to get a decent workstation however they are pricy. A gaming PC should also work for most part of it.

  36. Alienware built a laptop that not only has a desktop CPU and graphics, but is fully upgradeable! And you don't have to take it to an expert, you can change the out of date parts yourself. It was designed to be easy for the user when it comes to taking it apart.

  37. great knowledge , i wish you had more likes you deserve them , thumbs up

  38. You made me confirm my decision on getting a MacBook for my architecture career ??✨

  39. Is a touch screen laptop better for architecture?

  40. Wow! This Is One Of The BEST Videos I've Ever Seen Highlighting The Two Trade-Offs i.e. Choice of pC / Laptop vs The Programs One Intends To Use In Their pC's. Just found someone whose reflected my views about the two options and many more… All in One Video! Keep Up The Nice Work.

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