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How do you choose a Laptop for Architecture?

You often hear that desktops are a more practical purchase over laptops, but as architects, you’re usually on the move and need something more portable. In that case, it may be worth the extra dollars buying a laptop instead. But with so many options these days, how do you choose a laptop for architecture? Today I’m…

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  2. Im in the third year of architecture, and im looking for a laptop to upgrade mine. I have an ASUS with a intel celeron, and it was great. But its starting to crash very often because of the amount of programs and the redering. I know what you said about the touch screen, bu what are your thoughts on microsoft surface laptop 3?

  3. im going to study architecture next year and noticed that the more powerful the laptop the less portable it's, it can be both but the price is gonna rice up. So do you think if I buy a small desktop pc but at the same time powerful for renderings and stuff, then buy like a light laptop for protability?

  4. Would you recommend the dell xps 13?

  5. Which laptop do you have??

  6. Hey, your video helped me a lot thank you. But I´m thinking of buying a HP OMEN i5 (9th generation) with 2.4 GHz and 8 ram also with NVIDIA graphic card GTX 1060. Would that be enough to run heavy works with a lot of materials and details?

  7. Hi i’ve been checking out ASUS’s STUDIO BOOK laptopssss i dont know which one to buy ? but yeah i should go with 15” screen ????

  8. I dont have a graphics card and im in my second year architecuter degree, i am going to be downloading rhino, revit and autocad, is my laptop going to struggle ? It is a 16gb ram, 512 ssd

  9. What’s your recommendation for a budget of $750 with 3D features ?

  10. I was wondering if MacBook Pro is a good laptop choice for Architecture? I’ve read many reviews where people have said that MacBooks are over rated.. So I wanted to ask for your opinion before purchasing my laptop ??

  11. Hey i had $750 budget and want to buy a laptop that can do autocad and some 3D design smoothly, whats your recommendation?

  12. Hi, I have an i7 8550u with 8gb of ram and a mx150 graphic card, i’m in first year of architecture, how mant time you think my computer will last for the career? Good video!

  13. Is the new asus zenbook duo (i7 10th gen) good for revit and autocad? Is the 2gb MX250 sufficient?

  14. What program are you using to demonstrate ? Is it Lumion?

  15. Which laptop best for designing 3d s max and revit software 55000 to 60000 thousands budget

  16. Hi Mooch, i have had a macbook pro 15 inch, with i7, 16 ram and 256 storage. (From 2016) should i get a new one if starting out on architecture or should it be enough at the start?

  17. Hi i'm an interior design student and will be starting my first year using softwares like autocad and was wondering if i should just get a mac since i do have the budget but may i know which would be a better option, windows or mac?

  18. Im an architecture student and im on my first year my dad bought me a laptop and i wanna know if i should keep it or not.
    So my laptop is an hp elitebook 840 g5 with:
    i5 8th
    intel uhd 62o
    What do you think?

  19. Hi there I need to buy a laptop for 2nd 3rd year uni, I’m interior design student but we have used and are using, Autocad architecture, Adobe cloud, PS, InD, Il, and many others, sketch up, Revit, can you please recommend a decent laptop from £1000 -1500 please, I would like to buy today or ASAP, many thanks

  20. Hey I'm planning on buying the Asus Zen book pro duo

  21. Hi bro I had laptop with 8gb ram I want to update the ram which is best for performance upgrading to ram or ssd

  22. hii
    i want too know what u think of HP zbook 17 g5 ?
    thank u

  23. Is the ipad pro 2018 gonna be enough for at least 1st or 2nd year ?

  24. I’m in secondary school and desperately want to be an architect I’m all ready scared

  25. Can one choose architecture as a second career?

  26. Hi thanks for ur great video
    Can u help me is acer nitro 5 i7-7700H 16gb ram gtx1050-4gb good for 3rd group ?

  27. First of all I want to thank you for this video. I want to buy a laptop which can support 3D max, revit and other architectural programs, should I buy republic of gamers with i7 NVIDIA RTX2060 512SSD or Microsoft surface book with i7 NVIDIA GTX1050 512SSD?

  28. I5 -8gb ram -2gb nvdia graphics , will it be ok?

  29. Question. What do think of the msi g63 8rd loptop w/ 4gb+8gb ram, nvidia gtx 1050 ti, i7 gen.8?? Thnks.

  30. Good video thank you…
    I want to ask you about processor's type like core i7 xxxxU or xxxxHQ.. If there a big different between them in 2D, 3D, and rendering

  31. How did you get lumion pro student ?

  32. hey bro.. is this laptop will be enough for doing Autocad 3D, 3Ds Max and Vray Rendering?

    OMEN by HP – 15-dc0133tx (i will upgrade the ram to 16gb)

    HP Gaming Pavilion – 15-dk0042tx

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  34. "the i9 is good for powering a small island " lol <3

  35. Which companys laptop is better to purchase??

  36. Hi so I am about to be a freshman studying architecture. I want to buy a computer that will last me 4 years and I want to make sure I am making the right purchase before spending a lot of money. At first I planned in but a dell precision costing around $2000 (I personally find this to be really expensive and would prefer not spending this much, but I am willing to). And if I am going to spend $2000 I would like to use a MacBook. Will buying the 15” mac be a good purchase? What some other options? Also I know my school uses rhino6 and vray. I could use some help. Thank u!

  37. Please tell me the laptop under 1lkh rupees so for softwares like revit lumion sketchup Photoshop vray

  38. I am about to purchase one for my work. Is xps 15 a good choice?. It checks all the requirement. And I am into thin and durable ones. So if not, then suggest one. Thanks

  39. I'm going to start my first year in architecture school, I have a laptop of 4gb ram & i3 is it enough?

  40. i7 with 2gb graphic card ok??

  41. i like it how u explained it using Lumion. =)

  42. Hi, thank you so much for this video that really helps me a lot! Now I'd planned to start an interior design studio by myself, so I decided to purchase a better laptop than I used to have before (the old one is from ASUS: x550jk and I hate it) If I want to choose between MSI :GS65 or P65 /Dell XPS 15 /HP Zbook , how do you see pros and cons amount these options? Which brand is more reliable and stable in your opinion? Thank you?

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