Earbud style headphones can get pretty gross after a few days, with all that wax and dirt. Actually, they can even get full of germs or microbes that will grow in your ear, possibly causing an ear infection.

In this video I show how I clean my earbud headphones using some cotton balls, isopropyl rubbing alcohol, and qtips.

Warning: Do not stick the q-tips in your ear directly, this can be very dangerous!

Important note: avoid rubbing the cotton directly on the mesh of the earbuds. I found…

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  1. i thought this was dan and phil


  3. I was sub number 2999 who is gonna be the 3000th?!

  4. حد يترجملي بالعربي .. مو فاهمة شي

  5. Great video, buddy.

  6. Can you use nail polish remover

  7. How to dissasemble this earbuds?

  8. my name is jevf

  9. Haha lol everyone puts q tips in their ears

  10. These gen-u-ine headphones

  11. Thanks, Geoff, my headphones were kind of dirty and I was wondering the proper way of cleaning (I didn't want to ruin them)

  12. Hah my name is Jeff. Bo offence it just had to be done

  13. Your voice is very nice! Are you Canadian?

  14. @inzerah lmfao what a nerd

  15. thx so much my headphones sound brand new i could barly hear them but since i did this they are louder and way better

  16. what will happen for headphone if i use 90% alcohol?

  17. What if I use alcohol to clean my earphones?

  18. You sound deformed

  19. I love how your voice sounds! Kind of reminds me of Jason Segel…

  20. my earphones fell in my cereal and they work perfectly but they have brown chocolate stains and they look like wax :C

  21. I was just wondering if I could use nail polish remover as an alternative?

  22. 3 years later, I've had those for about a year

  23. @TheMiloszdevil I had the same problem with my old earbuds, eventually the mesh became blocked and I had to buy new ones. Maybe there is a suction cannister you could get which would remove the blockage? I know you can get compressed air cans, but that would probably blow the wax right into the headphone, you'd want something like a reverse compressed air can (micro vacuum cleaner), which I'm not sure if it exists.

  24. Hi Geoff, i just got a pair of Sennheiser CX 300 ii. I noticed that the bass quality of the right earbud is a bit worse than that of the left earbud. Looking closely, i saw some ear wax had gathered amongst the mesh of the right bud, and it's still stuck there. Do you think this could be the problem? and if so, how can i get the wax out from the mesh?

  25. Your a swell guy geoff..Cheers!

  26. thanks, that was very helpful 🙂

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