Leo Laporte and Megan Morrone discuss the repl.it, the best way to code on your iPad, iPhone, or Chromebook. The website offers a simple and free tool for developers, educators, or anyone who wants to learn programming. A paid version allows you to keep your code private. Find out why Leo recommends this cloud development environment that includes linting, a debugger, third-party packages, files, live updates, hosting and deployment.
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  1. Host: Let's write an h3 tag
    Also host: <h4>Hello Magan!</h4>

  2. goormIDE is also a good option to choose for coding on a pad. goormIDE provides a complete development environment based on web browser. Powerful collaboration features such as code sharing via link, real-time simultaneous editing, and online chat.

  3. This site is fantastic for basic programming on the iPad Pro. As always, haters gonna hate and say that the iPad Pro is not useful for programming …

  4. Its missing Flutter

  5. is it free?..plz reply

  6. For all web devs out there: Go ahead and google 'Stackblitz', it truly is a great online IDE which looks & feels like vscode. Love it!

  7. What is the highest iPad to use for programming ?

  8. And hes wearing a winter hat inside…with a suit because……

  9. Lisp was the first language to use REPL, and since you can not write macros in Python I don't think it has a proper REPL, just an interpreter.

  10. If you're ready to program a serious site: No.

  11. Check codesandbox , it's good. I am enjoying the touch and type concept for coding in tabs

  12. Why not use the ipad to remotely control your laptop or desktop with team viewer or similar apps? Wouldn't that work great?

  13. Awefull voice, sound, video…everything ?

  14. This is interesting guys.
    Thank u so much.

  15. Is your programm in app (app store)

  16. Interesting? yes
    Useful? Maybe
    Practical? Not really

    I will stick with my Vim-Tmux-SSH-VPS setup

  17. This is an awful interface to develop with. For playing, sure, but real development? Shoot me now please.

  18. This should work for chromebook as well. Its a cloud ide. The first cloud ide I started with was codeanywhere back when I only owned a smartphone. Accessibility is key to the future of programming.

  19. This is interesting

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