What you need to connect your iPad to an HDTV or Monitor. More:

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  1. You know what would have made this better is if you just showed how it look but that would have meant you had it do a little more work, yep not something you would do.
    Anyone knows how to plug in adaptor into the iPad, but the reason I and most like many other have come here, is to see how it works and if it is worth paying the $75 that it will cost – why is it that price YEP IT IS APPLE.

    So next time you are showing just adaptors show them working and what they can do.
    So can i say use my monitor or some tvs – can it be use as a monitor and able to use apps like word? OR is it just for YouTube – and upturn movies as so on.
    YOU could have made this so much better and worth a watch, if you do this you may even get more that will subscribe.

    This is not even worth a like – or even watching for you have not answered anything but Yes you can connect you’re iPad to your tv, but that is a given theses day.

    For one I would because it would be nice to see and hear how this like this work and what you can use it for – you are not just talking about to do something anyone can do without looking at this.
    Yep – you need to redo and answer some real questions.

  2. Why explain that something is possible without showing it? Everyone knows you can buy an adapter. People want to know how well does adapter display ipad content on monitor or HDTV.

  3. You didnt connect to a monitor or tv.you didnt prove

  4. Can I do this with my IPad 6th gen?

  5. can you charge it at the same time?

  6. thumbs done 1million times

  7. Yeah it would've been great if you should it work jerk

  8. I keep telling this how NOBODY is scared of her.

  9. 2 things are happening to me when i connect the HDMI cable to the adapter,,,first i get no sound,and also i get aQR CODE to authorize the use of the adaptor,,,but nobody mentions this in any of the videos.,,,, can someone help me please to get this whole thing connected right???

  10. This is useless…

  11. Can you record a video ? While it’s connected ?

  12. Hey I’m trying figure out how to hookup an iPad as an monitor, any suggestions will be helpful?

  13. Is it good for a computer monitor and do you have to download software?

  14. I did it and I always wish the blue bar was not at the top (usin ipad air to connect to projector VGA)

  15. can u use a mouse and keyboard when adapter is plugged to your pc monitor….

  16. I wish there’s a demo to an actual tv or monitor. 🙁

  17. But I only have usb not hdmi

  18. Hello, I have HDMI lightning cable, " the same that u have" , and i want to connect my ipad to projector, so i bought convert cable HDMI to VGA, I tried it and it didn't work!!
    What to do?

  19. It would have been great if you showed it working but overall good video.

  20. I currently have my iPad connected to my piano via the usb to lightning connecter which connects to a usb b port via a usb a to a usb b on my piano.  I'm wondering, can I use the lightning to hdmi cable and use the lightning connected to connect my lightning to usb cable?

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