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This is detailed instructions how to fix the problem in connecting any Bluetooth headset, headphones, speakers or any Bluetooth device to windows 7.

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  1. I can't believe it actually works! well done keep up the good work! u earn a sub + like 😉

  2. Thankyou so much!!!!!
    It really worked and solved my problem

  3. you fixed my issue. took me a few hours if only i found your tut first. good job .

  4. Thank You Sir its working now. i have been trying since couple of years but it didnt get connected but by your video i can able to connect now. thank you

  5. Thank you sooo much maaan i have been trying for many days,tried so many different types of drivers but non of them worked but thanks to you its working now..!!!
    haha <3

  6. thank you so much for provide real working software ..

  7. you are really great sir thanks a lot

  8. thank you so much bro,, finaly solved my problem 🙂

  9. very very very very very thank you so much

  10. Thank you thank you so much i have this trouble since you have all my thanks man it all works thank you!!!!

  11. Thank you Bro.. Work this trick Thank you really I'm happy ?

  12. cheers mate it worked

  13. Finally, it works. Thanks a lot, bro!!!!

  14. thanks a lot, at last it actually worked..

  15. thank you its working

  16. Thank u very much bro…
    Tried many youtube videos all are fake….
    At last you helped me…. Thank u bro thank u very much

  17. it's working,,, thanks a lot for this video…. I'll sub this channel…

  18. thank you very much bro…….

  19. I Usually dont comment on Youtube,,,, but this video really helped giving it a thumbs up… congrats bro

  20. Can u connect my AirPods?

  21. Why j can't click on listen to music when hearphones paired but on playback sound writte hearphones diconected?

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