These are all the things you will need :

For DVI Monitors:
30-pin to HDMI:
Lightning to HDMI :
HDMI – DVI Cable :

For VGA Monitors:
30-pin to VGA :
Lightning to VGA :
VGA-VGA Cable :

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  1. Dam monitors back then were cancer

  2. Very helpful

  3. Hey, thanks for sharing.
    Struggling to find a video that explains how to have the iPad connected to the external monitor and have the screens on two separate apps instead of having the external monitor copying the iPads actions..

  4. What happens if you turn the iPad Into landscape mode does the screen go bigger with no black lines

  5. Are you Maltese?

  6. You don’t have to download any software?? Does the monitor have to be an Apple monitor???

  7. I know how already and this almost confused me.

  8. what about the ipad air 2 .?

  9. Can I turn the iPad to make the iPad full screen on the monitor??

  10. Can I connect my iPhone to my tv so that I can see myself while recording ?

  11. Thank you for the info that was very helpful…

  12. Do you need to jailbreak your iPad?

  13. Well I tried this and it didn't work ? any recommendations?

  14. You realize you can just get Airplay Server on Mac, Linux and/or Windows and launch the app (on your PC), and go to the airplay setting by swiping your finger up and press your computers name and TADA! It connected. This is better then having to buy a cord for it.

  15. Why do I have the feeling that I won't be able to get this to work lol

  16. i have the exact same monitor

  17. how about the sound? Dvi does not transfer sound. Does the headphone output still works with hdmi adapter plugged?

  18. i want this two work for my PC do you understand me now

  19. i want this two work for my PC understand

  20. How about connecting laptop display to iPad as external monitor? Please can you help coz my laptop screen is fuzzy

  21. would it be possible if I use another ipad or mobile phone as the external monitor ?

  22. cool.can I do the same with Iphone?

  23. Thanks for the video. If I want to type something on a keyboard connected to the Monitor, would that be possible?

  24. Very helpful thank you!!!

  25. When the IPad is connected to the monitor, you said you can watch movies, can the sound be run through Bluetooth headphones?

  26. If you turn your ipad the other way does it go on fullscreen ? Nice vid btw 🙂

  27. so I have a 30 pin to VGA adapter………..and it doesn't work. I also have a 30 pin to hdmi and an hdmi to vga adapter and it works for like half a second and then the ipad tells me that it doesnt support that device and the monitor  screen goes black…any suggestion?

  28. How do I make the display full screen on the external monitor?

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