How to connect iPad to TV connect your iPad to a HDTV using a Digital AV cable with a HDMI output. This tutorial displays sound and image of supported applications. Movies, Pictures, Games, Netflix, HBOGO and Safari and Youtube App using your big screen. please make sure to LIKE this video thank you for watching and don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE.

here is the link to purchase the A/V Adapter from the Apple website

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  1. I can connect my ipad mini to my son bravia tv  but no sound can you pls help

  2. Does google chrome work with that

  3. Do you need an Apple TV for your apple product or can you have any tv company

  4. Another way you can watch videos on youtube on your tv you need to have the youtube on your smart tv 1st step.go to youtube?? 2nd step. Go on your iPad pause the video you wanna see to the begging??3d step. On the search button on the right there is a tv with wifi bars click on the button??4th step. You will see the name of your tv on a grey bar click on it and suddenly your iPad will connect to the tv?? last step enjoy and your welcome good luck ???

  5. Wait so what's the USB slot on our TV for can't we just connect it like that ??

  6. So, I've been told that this adapter doesn't allow you to watch Netflix if ur running ios8 or higher. 1st, is this true & 2nd, if so, do the a/v composite cables fix this issue? ?

  7. if I put Ethernet in the tv and plug ipad in with hdmi to lightning adapter will I be able to play modern combat online ( with controller )

  8. mine works but is not full screen 🙁 can anybody help me with that!!!

  9. Thats actually pretty cool

  10. If you use Sky Go to watch Sky stations on the I-pad, can you now watch these through your TV using this connection?

  11. Is there one for ipad mini

  12. Can you record things off of you tube if you hook it up like this there is some old football games on there I would like to record to DVD .

  13. Hey do you need to jailbreak the ipad 1 generation to use this cable

  14. Does the sound come through the tv or the iPad? Thanks.

  15. when i play a tv or movie I get audio but no video

  16. Hm does it cost? The connector

  17. Thank you so much now my brother can watch netflix on the tv I subbed

  18. Does this work for any tv? And I have the iPad mini will you know if it works for that too?

  19. Can you just use the regular cord that the iPhone or iPad came with when you open a new iPhone or iPad to plug into the tv and will it work if I do want to watch videos? I don't have an adapter and HDMI Cable. So I would like to know if it works of it it just only charges and is only meant for the computer. I really would like to know ASAP. Because I can't find anything that answers my question and it's making me frustrated because I really want to know. Like I'll explain it when you open a new iPhone or iPad you'll see that cord in the box along with it. Will that cord that it came with work if I just plug it and my iPhone into the tv so I can watch videos? Or will I need an app or will it just only charge the phone to the tv? That's all I need to know. I do apologize if this is a long comment but i really would like to know and have my question answered. Thank you for your answers.

  20. hello, the netflix movies played in HD on TV or en SD? thanks

  21. How can you move your iPad while it's hooked up the display gets all messed up when I so much as graze mine?

  22. Where the sound go when play a movie the tv or ipad??!

  23. thanks so much for taking to to reply from your other video. Gracias I think your English is good and your written English very good

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