Easy way How to connect iPhone 4 5 6 7 8 iPad to TV, using Apple Lightning AV cable just plug and play works with HDMI cable. You can connect to wireless using Google cast adapter- , iphone 5 6 “how to connect iPhone to TV” TV adapter-
HDMI 2.0 cable- iphone 4 4s AV TV cable-
“connect iphone to TV wireless” use chromecast-
*links support the…

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  1. Few devices to connect iphones to TV here is the links, Google cast adapter-http://bit.ly/2a1MrLs , iphone 5 6 TV adapter- http://amzn.to/2ap3uKQ HDMI 2.0 cable- http://amzn.to/2al75Ko iphone 4 4s AV TV cable-http://amzn.to/2a2MAT9

  2. How do you connect your roqu tv up to your wifi without your remote

  3. Awesome, Awesome, thank you, thank you for the videos. I am so grateful. ??

  4. Good video here – still a little confused, so I guess I'll have to watch it a
    couple more times. Can I connect my Iphone to a Sony TV or does my
    TV have to be an Apple TV ?? I would think if my Sony TV has an HDMI
    port, I should be OK — am I right or wrong here ?? you don't really say ??

  5. Why is a black and white block showing up on my flat screen every time I try to hook my phone up to my tv

  6. how did you get the monitor to show iphone in portrait. Mine will show portrait but the screen is rotated sideways? Meaning…I have my monitor turned to portrait, the iphone through lightning cable shows in portrait but is still as if monitor is in landscape position. I have to turn my head sideways. If I turn iphone in video it will go full screen just not the way I want. Thanks

  7. Does it work with led tv?

  8. Can’t see any adapter coming with the iPad.

  9. thumbs up from India…keep it up

  10. The video was very helpful – ?What about a wireless adapter? I seen the apple product makes the same adapter – this video has helped me a lot

  11. Thank you bro I been trying to figure this – yes this was helpful need help with the iPhone 7 is coming out non3.5 Head phone jack is there a blue tooth device I can connect to my phone winless then hook up my wired computer speakers?

  12. Hi Tampatec, I love your videos man. I never thought I'd be in need of help but I have a Sony Bravia KDL-52Z510 that just started the red light blinking, however it blinks twice as a pattern so I assume its a power supply issue. Since I know you're a guru, can you please provide some details on what parts I'll need or even point me to a video that you may have already covered this topic. Much appreciated!!!

  13. can u do the same thing with Samsung note 5 it used to work on note 3 any cable to buy for that

  14. I like your videos, but correct the title. IPhone 4 does not have a lightning port, it's the old one with 30 pins. Otherwise nice vid, thanks!

  15. Nice informative video man, what case are you using on your iPhone?

  16. Thank you for sharing this great tip. I sure will be glad when Apple prices go down ha ha probably won't happen for a while, at least until their stock prices go down!

  17. Can you help with something. I can't my volume on my tv to steadily go up and down without just going to full blast or all the way down. Do you have any idea what that' is? And how can I fix it.

  18. Nice video very helpful

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