Helpful for connecting Samsung Level U headphones to any android device.

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  1. Thank u so much, i just know after used 3 years

  2. Can I connect the samsung galaxy note 2?

  3. Thank you so much.

  4. thank you so much! I was using these for so long thinking that they only worked with samsung.

  5. Oppo f3 kaysha kara setting

  6. Can i connect it with my laptop?

  7. Thanks bro im happy this… Video

  8. Thank you very….much,I thought I can't use it

  9. superrrr bro tqqq for information

  10. U awesome man thanks

  11. Bhai ye massenger ki video call par work nhi krta h kaise krega ols tell me any solution

  12. Thanks so much it's working

  13. Jaan bacha li bhai tune meri

  14. Thanks so very so much bro
    It's very useful All the best bro

  15. Valuable information. Thank u

  16. Thanks thanks &thanks

  17. Thanks bro finally i can use my headphone

  18. muchas gracias me ayudaste mucho

  19. Thank you so much

  20. Wow thanks a lot

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