This Video shows how to connect The new iPAD to the T.V using Composite AV Cable ( MX 3343)
MX has come up with a new video known as How to Connect the new iPad & iPad 2 & iPhone 4S to TV using VGA & HDMI & Composite AV Cable. In this video you can see, MX has come up with new Docks for your iPad,the new iPad & iPad 2 & iPhone 4S. Now you can connect your iPad, the new iPad & iPad 2 & iPhone 4S to your HD Compatible TV with a HDMI to Dock Cable. Also you can connect IPAD, the new iPad &…

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  1. does this support ios 9

  2. can some plzzz tell me how to fix the content is blocked thing i try to screen record and it wont let me and i have the new av adapter the small one

  3. Since I updated my iPad2 to iso8, my av composite cable does not work. I can get Dailymotion and playtube and that's it. If you like to use a composite cable don't update your iPad to iso8.

  4. does this support video websites or only youtube?

  5. can someone tell me what the usb cable is plugging into.  This part I don't understand.  Thanks so much

  6. I have an ipad 3 and it says accessory is not supported by ipad, anybody knows why ?? and how to fix??  

  7. I have an iPad 3 and the composite cable. When I hook it up to my DVD recorder and try to record a video stream, after about 10 min, it the aspect ratio to the DVD burner will change from 16:9 to 4:3. If I unplug and reconnect, it will be fine (16:9) and then after some time will go back to 4:3. Why? Thank you!

  8. superjumbombo2 1:41

  9. Try lowering the iPad resolution!!

  10. That's great and very useful, except I don't have a HDMI connection. My TV is almost 10 years old, works fine for me, and has the older VGA and scart connections.I bought an iPad VGA connection kit. I can get the sound through the TV, but not the picture. Any ideas please?

  11. Sorry but iPad 2 does not support mirroring…so no youtube

  12. mine is ipad2 and i have composite cables all original(rgb)
    only plays certain videos not all of it.
    not even youtube any reason/solution

  13. Well it does support video but through the VIDEO APP available on iPad…

  14. Im getting audio but no video? is there some setting that i need to change, I have I pad1

  15. Which Device is that??

  16. How do you have it playing youtube??? Mine won't play it, but plays iTune downloads??

  17. Yes we do….but the out is HDMI!!

  18. I got 'the accessory is not supported by this device too.' But it managed to play 2 minutes of video on my TV before the message pop out… Is there any way to let it stay? and can I use other inputs or its specifically input 4?

  19. From our website!!….if any problems email us!!

  20. where can i buy this cable?

  21. Sometimes the older cables of the same type have older chipsets. So it doesnt support newer devices.

    Thanks and Regards,
    MX Team

  22. Do I have to download something for my ipad 2? Because all it gives me is a message saying this accessory is not supported by ipad D:

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