MX brings in a new product which helps users to connect their iPad to the TV by simultaneously charging the iPad.

Accessories Used

MX Dock to Mini HDMI + Micro USB Converter

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  1. Hey can i use an external hard drive and stream my ipad on Tv at the same time??

  2. my iPad is not charging 3 minutes into the MOVIE tv goes black and the ipad is not being charged!

  3. Can you use a USB to HDMI adapter so as to avoid having to pay for Apples lightning to HDMI AV cable?

  4. How can I connect my iPhone or iPad without an hdmi cable and the adapter? Can you use the cord that the iPhone or iPad came with when you open a new iPhone or iPad or will that cord just charge it and only go in the computer?

  5. Thanks I will try this. If I watch something off YouTube through the iPad, to the TV, will the sound/volume control come through the TV or the iPad?

  6. Can I do this to connect a usb receipt printer to ipad?

  7. You can find it in my description…..its mdrelectronics

  8. Whats the confusion??

  9. Uhhhhhhh…. I'm still confused!!!!!!!!!

  10. Niny we have discontinued this product…..
    Let me check if I can find one for you……

    Can you email me your inquiry….

  11. can you post a link to the product? I can't seem to find it.

  12. From our website

  13. We are working on that Cable!!

  14. And for the mini ipad ?

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