How to connect USB devices to your iPhone or iPad using the Lightning to USB Camera Adapters.

Links to the Lightning to USB Camera Adapters: Apple Lightning to USB Adapter (Model MD821AM/A) –
Apple Lightning to USB 3 Adapter (Model MD0W2AM/A) –

The Lightning to USB Camera Adapter and Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter are a super useful addition to your mobile recording gear for your iPhone and iPad, and in this video, I explain the…

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  1. Excellent! Cuts to the chase— now I know what to buy! Many thanks ?????

  2. Hi Pete – great video and explanation. Can you tell me what the name of the case for your ipad?

  3. Just got one today. Hoping to use some MIDI drum pads and keyboards, as ive always preferred live recording but love the benefits of MIDI!

  4. A quick question: i just connected mi iPad 7 to audio interface M-Audio fasttrack 2 ,and to my keyboard Casio CT-X5000 with the usb camera cable through an usb hub. The problem comes when i connect the iPad, i start hearin’ a hiss… what could it be?

  5. Ahhhhh so useful thanks

  6. Thanks for that. I’m upgrading from the dinosaur era desktop so all advice gratefully received – (and very happy to hear an Australian accent for once. )
    So – Question : I didn’t realise I can use my I pad Pro for recording until watching your vids. But – is it possible to somehow get the I-Pad screen onto a separate large monitor screen ?

  7. You're amazing!! ☺️?

  8. Hi Pete, can I use this to transfer videos from a Sony camera to an iPhone 8?

  9. can i use this adapter for a controller or a mouse?

  10. So i bought this adapter and i think its because i have an ipad mini

  11. Why it say that this accesories is not support by this ipad

  12. Would it not be easier (and cheaper) to use the cable supplied with your charger? It's USB on one end and Lightning on the other. Or would this not work for some weird, Apple-y reason?

  13. I got one of these with the power plug in, plugged in my mic, and turned on what I needed to in GarageBand and I saw that it was recognizing my voice but not actually recording do I need a powered usb hub??. It’s not working ☹️

  14. Hey peta , Please i live in mid east
    And i need this adapter so bad but
    We dont have it in our stores
    in my country how can
    I buy it online please help bro ,,,,, ?

  15. When I connect my adapter to my ipad it doesnt even show anything. Nothing is recognized. It use to show when I plugged it in, I even tried different adapters!

  16. We need more people like you

    Ps:Thank you for the advice it really helped

  17. Can I use this to connect a Wired Xbox 360 Controller?? (Fortnite Reasons)

  18. I just bought a Lighting to usb, which includes power USB port and audio jack, my Bluetooth headset isn’t recognised as a bluetooth headset, the headphone symbol doesn’t come up, and no audio through headphones, any advise

  19. Good to see what you look like! When it comes to any device with button,I have
    Black Fingers of Death! But now I have you to ask! Hee hee hee.?

  20. It doesn’t handle SanDisk 128 USB 3 or am I doing something wrong

  21. Hey, so you can connect a pendrive also ?

  22. WELP!
    If I connect the ZealSound microphone usb to that usb adapter thing will the microphone work on my Ipad?

  23. Can I download videos to my USB device from ps4, then connect it to this adapter and download my videos on to my iPhone 6s?

  24. Can I use this to connect my iphone directly to my printer?

  25. Yet another great video. How do you connect a printer to an ipad ????

  26. I tried using the usb to lightning 3 adapter with my behringer usb mixer, and recording into my iPad, but for some reason there was some delay with the video compared to the sound, is there any tips? Or anything I could do to keep that from happening?

  27. Hello I have several files format pdf or word on my pny UBS 3.0 and when I connect the UBS at the iPad Pro I have a message this accessory requires too much power can somebody help me

  28. Will this work for a DVD player on an IPAD MINI?

  29. Does this work if you connect a canon printer

  30. Does this work if you connect a canon printer

  31. Does it support 1.5 TB WD harddisk to iPhone SE, iPhone 6s and iPhone XR?

  32. What you say about the cheaper products is true. Been testing a 4in1 adapter with my camera it worked fine before the upgrade. But add the flash drive or apply power to it and it fails all the way. Will be purchasing usb 3 later this month. Besides the circuits designed different than generic. So that is a plus for spending the extra and purchasing Apple products.

  33. You really helped a lot thanks you are savage bro my headphone jack wire and probably my headphone support me USB power so I just need one cable like this thanks bro ?

  34. Great…Thank you Sir

  35. Man!! I love your fucking vids, you helped me do my mini home studio, now I have my home studio, thanks man, Blessings.

  36. You don’t even show how it even works this video is useless

  37. Thank you for always being so incredibly helpful

  38. My iPhone 6s is not charging…..but when I'm connecting it with pc by the USB cable it's charging…. please help me

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