Your iOS devices are great media players, but sometimes you want to watch on a big screen. Here’s how to connect your iPhone or iPad to your TV. is your ultimate destination for tech reviews and news.

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  1. It needs to be connected to a charger to connect via HDMI ?

  2. Do I need Internet because I have internet on my phone

  3. Will this work with gaming?

  4. The music was too loud on this video, so annoying

  5. The iPeople are just now figuring this out? And for the low, low price of $49?

  6. I've been doing this for years with android. The fruit is rotten, time to move on up to android.

  7. That means that with that cable connected from my iPhone 6s to my non WiFi connection TV works?? ?

  8. the title should have been, how to buy something..

  9. As irrelevant and unimportant as this video is it still has about 5 times more views than YouTubes normal "trending" news videos

  10. Just another way for Apple to sell me something that I should have gotten for free when I bought the phone.
    The Apple phone I have now is my last for this very reason.

  11. Easiest option would be if Apple makes TVs

  12. They’re teaching people how to connect your phone to TV so that they can use stadia. Why else would this be on trending news?

  13. Wow the YouTube news trending list has really taken a downfall sense the Russian collusion was proven to be a hoax

  14. Smart tvs have mirroring capabilities and all samsung phones and tablets come with built in mirroring. Apple is just catching up

  15. Or use your Apple TV 2. Oh wait, Apple bricked it so it no longer works. Just a piece of plastic. And Google blocks YouTube because everybody is greedy!

  16. Finally real breaking news….

  17. Just got s10 how do I send to my Philip's smart tv

  18. Which one of these 2 would you choose if you had to pick 1. IPhone 8 or Samsung Galaxy S7?

  19. Y’all motherfuckers forgot about that TV wireless thing when you tap the screen

  20. Lol apple's trash ?

  21. Andriod sells the same thing for free and no extra charges per application… shame on you greedy apple

  22. Until u buy a movie and put it on your ipad then plug the adapter in only to find out apple blocks this feature

  23. Coming in the next decade wireless connection with no expensive peripherals. Wow ?

  24. Save your self 15 bucks and get a google chromecast

  25. Just use Apple Airplay 2 easy no cables needed.

  26. Android = instant connection. IPhone = additional equipment required. Another reason why apple sucks

  27. Hello, Humans.
    “Persistence overshadows even talent as the most valuable resource shaping the quality of life.” – Tony Robbins


  28. ?Is this video serious?!

  29. So basically pay money cool

  30. Turn off your screen and go outside

  31. Umm follow the directions on your phone

  32. So you're telling me I've just watched a 2:35 video just for it to tell me to connect my iPhone to an Apple TV

  33. I honestly didn't realise you couldn't mirror screen like android can. This made me giggle.

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