Want to LEARN how to EDIT VIDEO on the iPAD like a PRO??/ Well Today I Gotcha COVERED!







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  1. nice video introduction ??

  2. I just wanted to let you know that you have single-handedly changed my workflow for the better, thanks for all you do!

  3. Can you use lumafusion with ipad mini or would the ipad air be better? Great content

  4. Bruh, you are a huge help!! Thanks for the insight and the motivation!!

  5. Thanks a million, you saved my day and future ??

  6. Just started up with LumaFusion, your video helped alot. ?

  7. LOVE this…..thank you for this fantastic video and especially the last 2-3 minutes….mic drop.

  8. You’re a good man! Great attitude

  9. You’re a god send! Thank you so much for taking the time to educate us. You’re great.

  10. Yo good sir incredible video. I am in the market for an iPad to do pretty much the same thing that you are doing. I have to stay with a budget but want something that is not going to be to stop working because of the many updates Apple has. What is a good iPad with space to do such work. Thanks in advance for your assistance.

  11. Can u help me to get this app plz?

  12. Omg the last part, thank you so much

  13. Best video on "How To". Great detail and you should definitely need to do more!

  14. It cost soooooooooooo much

  15. I just subscribed your videos are EPIC thanks.

  16. Great Video Henny! I learned some great tips on how to use my iPad in my work flow.

  17. Great video! And thanks for fontasy ?

  18. I just bought a Crave battery bank , thanks for the tip!

  19. Very helpful! Thanks for sharing this, Brother! 🙂

  20. Hey, even though I can’t buy the app, he video seemed really professional and perfectly made. Unfortunately I can’t purchase the app because it is very expensive 🙁

  21. I cant get it it’s


  22. Him;GOODfokes


  23. dude thank you for this video. Im buying this app. Man Ive been waiting a long time for something like this. Im a professional photographer and I KNOW what i want but I couldn't edit video to save my life. I TAUGHT photo editing at the college level for 4 ys and i edited for other photographers for 15 years as a professional retoucher & batch processor but video has ALWAYS eluded me. Now Im a full time tattoo artist and i wanna make cool vids to promote my work. Im excited about this software. Looks like its WELL worth $40 bucks.
    Thanks again for all the details in this video. Helped me a LOT.

  24. Hi bro plz make a video about how to mashup songs in lumafusion…..plzzz
    I really need this?

  25. That chuckle about the smoked salmon was the most Dadd-ish thing ever haha

  26. $30.00!?! Never mind.

  27. Dope video! I will definitely be using this for my business. Thank you for all the beneficial tips.

  28. Yessir! I hear ya. Thanks for the insight. Greatly appreciated

  29. bro….. no words to describe or to say what I want to tell u… this was amazing. u were so real, so down, so honest and humble. I'm working on starting a youtube channel and am always thinking if i will have to play a character… I felt that that was really u in the video and it proved that I don't have to be a character, I can just be myself and guess what, I'm cool as F*** jaja Thank you for your motivation at the end and yes, I'm getting this app. Excellent review. subscribed!

  30. This video has it all. Great flow. Direct information and demonstration. Well spoken, Clear audio. Great video quality and editing. Honestly never thought it was possible. Bless you

  31. Bro I spent so much money cause of your videos… Man its been worth every penny. Hell I even got IPad Pros for my boys 7 and 10 cause they can help me… Life is that much easy now. Now I am back to see if I missed anything… Thanks bro

  32. Dude…. This video made a difference. Just know that ?????

  33. This guy is making a beast of a production quality video in 30 minutes like it's nothing lol. Subbed!!!

  34. Dude your the best YouTuber . This video was so fluid easy to follow and had info that was golden

  35. Awesome vid I’m thinking about getting one , I’m hooked on my MacBook

  36. Henny, this is probably stated somewhere, but what model iPad are you using? I’m looking to edit 360 video with Luma Fusion. Just wondering what you are using, and what you would suggest I use you process that. Thanks. Your content is awesome.

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