Bill Detwiler shows you how to replace a cracked front panel on the iPad 2 or iPad 3.

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  1. This scared me when it cracked and it been a couple minutes

  2. I broke my iPad bcuz I got mad Nd now I’m watching this like ?

  3. I thought fixing a controller was hard but this is something else….

  4. Thank you so much I successfully installed a new screen fixing my ipad and it only cost me $20 dollars thanx to Ebay truly helpful video thank you ???

  5. this is wasn't i wanted

  6. I’m watching on a 3 month old iPad ? ? my Dad is going to kill me

  7. I woke up and mine was smashed to bits and I’m petrified

  8. Me no problem my screen protector just cracked

  9. I’ve had my IPad 2 for years and never cracked it but recently, for some reason I just became super clumsy and began to drop it so many times. The first time it was okay, the second time it literally fell on the screen and I knew it’d be cracked but surprisingly, it wasn’t and I was like “wow this thing is indestructible!”….literally 10 minutes later I drop it one last time and the screen completely shatters?

  10. My screen won’t even work it’s just black and
    It’s hard to type

  11. can u not put a screen on it and still play?

  12. I fainted and had my iPad in my hand it’s cracked I kinda just put tape on the really bad parts

  13. I broke my iPad because I accidently punched it when taking it off my brother after he stole my gold scar in Fortnite. Lol

  14. Where can you buy the screen or tell me what its called

  15. I’m watching on my phone because my iPad is actually broken like legit broken it won’t open and it’s full battery

  16. My brother was charging his iPad on the floor. I think someone accidently stepped in it. And now he’s MADDDDD my grandma says he can’t play anymore and he’s super mad

  17. My cousin dropped my ipad

  18. Is it true that the digitizer is part of the screen for the Air 2?

  19. MyI pad had cracked glass for 2 years and a half

  20. My little brother broke my iPad more????????????????? I was scared to tell my dad and he said he will buy me a new one

  21. My iPad is cracked ??

  22. Is it same with ipad air 2 to change the glasses ?

  23. Does it matter what type of phone it is?

  24. I need actual help I just got my screen fixed and it looks brand new by my original home button got replaced sad but the screen in nice and clear no cracks but without touching it sometime it just randomly touches things I don’t don’t and I found a tiny speck of dirt under the screen and it’s bothering me

    Ps it was hard to type it kept pressing different things

  25. My mom is literally gonna kill me

  26. My brother threw a rock at me, I dodged it, but it hit the wall and bounced back, hitting my iPad and cracking it. Even rn, he won’t own up to it and is blaming me for “being careless “ of my stuff. Then a week later, he took that iPad and as I tried to get it back, he threw it on the carpet and another side of that iPad cracked…
    I told my freaking parents and my brother blamed me once again.

    I’m actually gonna go off ;-;

  27. I want to fix it because I'm scared of cracks
    When I open my iPad and saw cracks I freaked out cause it looks creepy

  28. Anyone watching this before the parents find out

  29. My side has a hole in it o-o

  30. I am watching in late 2019

  31. Who’s actually going to do this

  32. I cracked my Ipad 10 minutes ago because it fell down from the bed.?

  33. I just woke up to see that my iPad suddenly has all of these new cracks even though it was just charging smh life sucks

  34. my ipad screem crack on the in side

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