In this video I’ll teach you how to get free things from apple

*Check out these videos* (in the list)

1.Fake iPhone 11 pro suprise: to get a free iPhone 11 pro:

3.coke vs mentos:

4.dont buy the iPhone 11 pro:

5.scammed on eBay but happy

6.i brought everything from apple store:

7.buying a $200…

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  1. I don’t know what to write but lol follow my Twitter @izz_land

  2. Izzy land can I get an iPhone 11 please I subscribed and like

  3. How am I supposed to do this if I don't even have an iphone-

  4. nah ima just buy airpods cuz i have a piggybank which i have there is 1500+

  5. 'ThE bESt IpHoNE oF 2○19'

    Iphone 8 plus

  6. wow bro so cool thx for wasting my time

  7. Quién YouTube tu iPhone 11 Pro Max

  8. Done
    I love iPhones
    Any colur
    Any Storage

  9. The air pods aren’t real

  10. bro wtf, ur such a waffler ?? omdd its just a waste of time

  11. I got my iphone from apple because I dont like the other companys

  12. Waste of time, u should change the name of the video. Your fooling people

  13. I watched and liked the video to win the boost my chances of winning the iPhone 11 Pro Max!!

  14. look at the curtins in the background they are whenny the poo

  15. Can you get me a iPhone 11pro max

  16. Hi . can you give me a phone, for capturing my online business. Any phone

  17. You must really like frozen

  18. Why is he in his sisters room ???

  19. There is a Frozen poster ??

  20. Give a free iphone

  21. I did everything for the iPhone give away

  22. The best iphone of 2019

  23. Is he in his sisters room

  24. I love how you have a frozen poster on your wall ^^

  25. God damnn your airpods have been EATING

  26. It worked wtf OMG

  27. iPhone 11 pro max midnight green. Don't mind the capacity. Please I really want to win the giveaway

  28. iphone 11 pro Max rose gold)94todhunter cres Ajax Ontario l1zok1 mail box 4

  29. I want an iPhone 11 giveaway please please please that is good

  30. Wow so I was watching for nothing

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