This is right now the best and only way to browse through social media.

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  1. ⌚ Here are my favorite Apple Watch accessories! (under $10 Stand) (charger Combo) (Bands Holder) (Portable Charge)

  2. The Lens app in the AppStore is used to browse Instagram and WatchChat for Whatsapp.

    You can send a iMessage to your own phone number including URL for the Facebook, instagram or Twitter…. iMessage has an internal browser for viewing the desktop version of those social media platforms.

  3. Why you do it fast i dont undrestand?

  4. Can it work on Apple Watch series 2 ?

  5. Can I watch YouTube on it if I download it

  6. It won’t work for me, it won’t let me click the url link from my apple watch

  7. willsontech7 on IG
    Unlocked my boyfriend iwatch perfectly he is affordable ??

  8. willsontech7 on IG
    Unlocked my iwatch s4 perfectly he is affordable ??

  9. I got my iwatch unlocked within 45mins perfectly willsontech7 on IG he is affordable ??

  10. 1:08 for the boys n girls out there rushing ??

  11. Wait so if I’m at school and if I get one I could watch YouTube?

  12. I can’t open the email in the email app…

  13. How do u get Snapchat on the Apple watch?

  14. Video title: series 1-5

    Actually Video: series 5 or newer

  15. Thank you for this now I have Instagram on my watch

  16. Is there any YouTube

  17. Does this work with 3

  18. Apple news app not available in Ireland yet although I had the app on my phone and watch I deleted it by mistake and now I can’t find it on App Store it just says app not available. Is there a way I can get it back

  19. How do you play the videos

  20. "Lens for IG" app allows you to have an app for your instagram on the watch

  21. Thank you! it worked on my Apple Watch 3 ?

  22. I have the white ceramic series 5

  23. What about youtube.. I wannna get one but was told y I can’t use YouTube and that’s all I want.. lmao

  24. I’m have Apple Watch serious 1 wtf ???

  25. Apple Watch 3 gang ————>

  26. Mine says this link isn’t viewable

  27. I installed the messenger app on the series 5. But it doesn’t show images such as emojis. And it doesn’t notify when someone sends me a message!

  28. What happens when it says your passwords wrong and then you log out on your phone and do the password you’re doing on your Apple Watch end it works for your phone but not your Apple Watch

  29. just download "Lens" app from app store guys

  30. It does work but you can't play videos sadly

  31. I have the Apple Watch 3 ;-;

  32. home can i get pokémon go

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