A quick craft using kitchen foil to make a dream come true toy for Max
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  1. You can just get a computer for him not a fake one

  2. James Gaming Studios play Roblox?

  3. 0:58 dad wth why it bugged DAD I WANT DA REAL DEAL!!

  4. Yea it doesn't work

  5. Kid: Can we get a laptop?
    Mom: No we have a laptop at home
    laptop at home

  6. No more fake laptops Kids need a real microsoft laptop i'm a kid and i just need a real laptop to play roblox

  7. The kid is doing it wrong

  8. At least buy the kid a laptop man

  9. What are you used paper?

  10. Yea the laptop that you kids will love??

  11. That kids just play that laptop for 10 minutes and then throw it because he said why his father's laptop can moving why he can't

  12. V easy & simple…

  13. In sted of the MacBook it should be the dadbook

  14. kid : i want macbook!
    Thid guy: "making this fake laptop"

  15. Apple want to know you're location

  16. This is the most low-effort video I've ever seen. You don't need to teach people how to stick pictures onto a piece of cardboard

  17. I feel bad for the kid it isn’t a real laptop

  18. That's not a laptop, that's disguized cardboard!

  19. The kid is so cute

  20. How to make a laptop for kids: buy them a chromebook

  21. ???????????????????????????????????????

  22. I can make a real one with a raspberry pi.

  23. get him a budget smartphone he will be much happier with that then just a random piece of cardboard .-.

  24. Introducing the idad. $7.99 get yours now! (Not with touchscreen or even any functionality)

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