Whats apps should you download for your iPad Pro? This tutorial shows the best iPad apps setup of a computer scientist. Replace your computer!

This tutorial shows how to setup iCloud, setup Mail, install Microsoft, and install Google. You’ll see how to optimize your iPad dock for multitasking. I’ll also show the best apps for the apple pencil. I introduce some new apps like PDF Expert, Termius, Procreate, and Nord VPN. By the end you’ll have everything you need for studying math,…

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  1. Thank you so much for this channel. I just got an iPad 7th gen and I study computer science. Now these past hours I’m doing my set up for college in a few months

  2. Bro just put an video how we can access the notepad on the ipad

  3. I wonder if there is a good xterm to install on iPad, so I can ssh to Linux servers.

  4. can i code laravel with ipad?

  5. Sir u are a Genius?

  6. Thanks sir for making such helpful video.

  7. Thank you. Please, still doing this videos.
    A hug for you from Ecuador!!!

  8. Pdfdrive.com bro, they also have an app

  9. I think you accidentally downloaded Internet explorer. Just thought you'd like to know, m'kay, bye

    Edit: nvm

  10. Why don't you buy the books in PDF format?

    Alternatively I was able to convert AZW to PDF while removing the DRM with Calibre, that was long time ago, I wonder maybe this still works for newer books.

  11. I have iPad Pro do I need a Mac. I own a windows PC already.

  12. Great Tutorial and some very informative stuff in here .A few tips:
    1.Your tips about organizng the apps was great but you couldve saved 20-30 seconds by not opening the app store.
    2.While you're editing and no new information isn't being given by the screen recording of the ipad,edit it such that the webcam covers the whole display.It creates a sense of fluidity and keeps the video progressive
    3.Backgroun Music.Some chill background Music with your already soothing voice will make the video A+

  13. WOW 10k unread emails

  14. How do you take handwritten notes with code snippets on iPad?

  15. More videos and more tutorials, please! Thank you very much for your sharing!

  16. Please post a video on how to use Termius and also how to link to the GCP computer.

  17. This video is a 10/10

  18. I was thinking of getting an iPad but i am a programmer so i wasn't sure if it will do the job but now i am getting one thank u ?.

  19. Should update the video for iPad OS!

  20. just wondering, why do you multitask with multiple browsers over creating a split screen by dragging a tab to the edge?

  21. Can you try smiling a bit less?

  22. 1:08 what happened? How did you make another dock(i don't know the name of the bar exactly) with just a click??

  23. What type of Ipad pro do u have the 64GB or 256GB ? .

  24. Hi, im planning to buy an ipad mini2019 for web coding,do you know how to inspect element in safari? Thanks

  25. I just started recently learning coding and you're making it easier for me. I just want to be able to set up my iPad for coding

  26. Can I come on iPad air 3??

  27. Hey,
    I have to Programm in Informatik and we are programming in C/C++. can you recommend a programm which I can use on the iPad?

  28. Informative, succinct, and highly entertaining 🙂

  29. i usually skipped and skipped everytime i watch tutorial but it has a long introduction, but i dont know why i didn't skip yours. it's really informative, not just a random talks. thank you…

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