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How to use Apple Watch Exercise and Steps Data with Fitbit app!
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If you are tired of FitBit trackers and their syncing issues, maybe it is time to try the Apple Watch?

But if you have been in the FitBit ecosystem for a long time you may not want to leave all your data behind! Well you don’t have to!

You can use the Myfitnesssync app to transfer the data from your Apple Watch to the…

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  1. I use my Fitbit charge 2 for work and my Apple watch at home and everywhere else. I want to transfer steps from my Fitbit to the Apple Watch. It kind of does that. But Today for example, I got 16,xxx steps on my Fitbit and when I got home I put my Apple Watch on and it “synced” I guess, but it only showed about 14,xxx steps. So if I get 2,xxx more steps, will it even show? I’m more concerned with it reliably going both ways. Do have a similar issue

  2. hi, do you have to sync it manually all the time?

  3. Does this app transfer the data from the watch? I have heard it only transfers steps counted on my phone, which I always leave lying about?

  4. Is it possible just for steps data? How about heart rate?

  5. Can you confirm if the steps from Apple Watch would count for the challenges in Fitbit?

  6. Thanks so much, this was super helpful!

  7. I somehow got into a right mess Bluetooth pairing my Mi band ?
    … This video sorted me out??
    Thank you ????

  8. I used to have a FitBit charge HR 2 but they kept breaking. Now using a Mi Band 4. It’s good but the app is awful, just doesn’t give the detail of my steps it used to. I’m wondering if to get an Apple Watch but you have to charge it daily and I am not sure how long it takes to charge?

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