The Fitbit Versa currently plays Pandora, Deezer and Personal music. In this video i show you a quick walkthrough of how to transfer your personal music to the Fitbit Versa on windows 10.

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  1. How much space do we get to store our personal music in Fitbit Versa 2?

  2. That's a shame that it doesn't show you a list of albums/artists….dumping all 300 songs in a list isn't ideal is it?

  3. What if my computer is broken

  4. This was helpful but I wanted to know how I could transfer the songs to files……

  5. thanks a lot… first song copied after 5 days of using it as a watch…sorry'.. costly digital watch….

  6. my screen does not look the same, there is no media button. I have windows 7.

  7. Can you do this on a chromebook?

  8. How many music you can store?

  9. Very helpful finally did it

  10. can you transfer music from spotify?

  11. This doesn't even work for me. I have a fitbit versa 2 and when I log in on my PC I don't have ANY of the options that you have here..

    I'm not computer illiterate, but that stuff just isn't there.

  12. Thanks it really helps ???

  13. Fitbit must have a new app for windows 10. There's no versa icon that brings you to the music icon…why?

  14. Does Fitbit tell you to download the app from Windows…? It was not easy to find this missing link on the site. Smh… Thanks to you, it all makes sense.

  15. It doesn't work for me! the watch icon doesn't appear for me

  16. Cant you put prime music on your watch

  17. Do you have to transfer it from your computer or can it be a phone? Please help!

  18. This was very helpful! Thanks so much!

  19. Thank you so much, the instructions were very clear and helpful!

  20. When i play a song, i don't hear it. I use Galaxy Buds. Help me!

  21. Can’t you just do it off your phone

  22. Thank you so much now I can listen to music without my phone !!

  23. How do you transfer Apple Music on a Windows to your Versa?

  24. I put 106 songs on my watch and it’s taking so long for that purple check mark to show the tick sign

  25. My beats Bluetooth earphones won’t connect to my Fitbit

  26. Add music to your Fitbit..
    Step 1: Buy a computer

  27. Must be an older version of the desktop program. Mine is up to date and looks nothing like this.

  28. Do you need the fitbit dongle to connect your fitbit versa 2, or can you connect via wireless. Mine doesn't seem to be working, any tips would be appreciated!

  29. mine still doesn't work

  30. It says "Control your Spotify app and add Deezer playlists—plus store and play 300+ songs on your wrist. Subscriptions required." on FitBit website.
    So I am a bit confused. Will I have to subscribe somewhere even to transfer songs from my computer and store and play the songs to my Versa 2?
    I am asking this because I have neither Spotify nor Deezer account. I just want to transfer songs from my computer and store and play the songs to my Versa 2, that's it.

  31. 2019 and we still have to use desktop programs to transfer music. Fitbit ur trash for this.

  32. It does not work with windows 7

  33. Can Spotify link to Bluetooth from Fitbit versa-2 pls ?

  34. Will the same process you used for google play music be the same (or work) with iTunes?

  35. Great video really helped me out.

  36. It was not helpful to transfer from Itunes since you used a USB and it wasn't clear how to do it ??

  37. Thank you so much for making this video it didn't help but we'll try next time

  38. So Spotify doesen’t work for it

  39. Great video.. But only Shuffle play on the watch? No way to play albums in order? Thx

  40. Wow, thanks for putting this together….it worked perfectly!

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