Using the Teradek Serv Pro you can turn your new Apple iPad Pro or iPhone into a monitoring solution for cinema and production.

dbrand skins for iPad Pro:

Products in Video:
1. Teradek Serv Pro iOS Video Monitoring:
2. Teradek Bolt 500 LT:

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  1. Not sure why there’s so much concern about a few ms of lag. This device is for monitoring, not composing or pulling focus from. Teradek makes their bolt series for lag-less connections. For wireless pro cinema, this is a good price as well

  2. 1700$ ! I am going to barf.

  3. Ok but how do I turn it into a wired directors monitor

  4. But you need an electric supply in a desert to connect to wifi?

  5. you can get an app for wireless monitoring that doesnt cost 2000 dollars

  6. This is so expensive ?

  7. so. . . could i use this as a capture card to say. . . play my nintendo switch off of my ipad display???

  8. Sony sweater but a Cannon Camera on the desk lol

  9. I was expecting a $200 price tag, ouch … ?

  10. The price of this is ridiculous. There are other ways and products that provide similar options as this one. I am not going to pay almost 2,000 dollars for that device. Great video! Just the product is in no way worth the price.

  11. Should clicked away when they said "…it's easy…"

  12. Blah-blah-blah. This video can be less than 2 minutes. Such annoying this guy.
    So, did anyone mad here buy this “amazing” transmitter? ??

  13. Can you monitor 4 cameras and select which one to be displayed on main screen in a conference? Can that be recorded?

  14. How do you use ur iPad as monitor for your iPhone camera

  15. oh it's only $1800

  16. What a cheap solution =D

  17. I love the look of the A roll. Which lens and lights did you use for this video?

  18. $1700 and latency? No thanks.

  19. Cool for shooting in a multi can situation. Any options just for one cam?

  20. Would of been nice if you connected to multiple cameras and see if the lag gets worse or not…. more realistic use of this Teradek imo…

  21. qdslrdashboard is free alternative lol

  22. Wow you should have mentioned the price or it's pricey at the beginning ?

  23. not realtime signal(

  24. What is that app name…??

  25. whatever happened to straight forward instructional videos.

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