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I show you how I use the Apple Watch while using Android as my main phone. I get my calls, receive my text messages, emails, calendar events, app notifications and more all while benefiting from the Apple Watch’s (potentially live saving) features.

What works:
– Phone calls
– Receiving text messages
– Emails
– Calendar…

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  1. But is it worth it?

  2. Apple watch isn't that good


  4. You can now use MyFitData app on Android to connect with an Apple Watch and follow your Activity and Heart data!

  5. Hey, do you know of a good tutorial to create the profile/task on tasker to control hotspot? I just downloaded tasker yesterday and haven't been able to understand how to make it work like you said in your video

  6. Is this the latest Apple watch series 5?

  7. This is so dumb if you have a android get a galaxy watch its definitely worth it and its 100 dollars cheaper and the battery is better

  8. Im really hoping google assistant will come to fitbit

  9. Honestly the only thing keeping me with apple is my Apple Watch. I want the Samsung s20+ but I wear and use my apply watch everyday

  10. U r a shit talker

  11. No thanks. This is stupid method.

  12. I don't have hotspot

  13. Oh shit what up Ali a

  14. So buy a new phone thanks for the help

  15. Who noticed it was an google pixel?!

  16. I have apple watch but ı dont have iphone. What can ı do ?

  17. this is not only expensive, it's a terrible idea

  18. Stupidity!

    The way i came through….

    1) You realy need an Iphone……From your friend or girlfriend, or maybe your handfriend….doesn't matter.
    2) When you link your Apple Watch to this Iphone and create a pair – download from Ethernet application "Aerlink" on your watch an decline any info about news and reminders
    3) When you activate this Aerlink on your watches – it makes them visible to another software you need – BLE Utility.
    4) If you done every past step correctly your BLE detect youe watch and you can create a new pair with your Android device.

    But be aware – half of functions will be on lockdown. You can only get a fucking reminder about calls, sms, e-mails but can't read them or answer to them.

    1 big problem with this Watches…..5 series have only voice commands for applications to install (you need to say app name to watch and only then it start looking fjr them). If you do not pay attention to language settings when creating first pair with iphone – your ass will be on fire!!!! Coz this voice command interface got a very hush and cruel parameters on recognizing fonetics.

    That the my way…….
    After couple of weeks i sell them to IOS fan anb by a new one from Samsung and been realy happy about this new purchase. Same functions but heavyer and larger. But it worth it!
    If you do not have IPHONE – FORGET ABOUT THIS WATCHES – it's money for nothing!

  19. I love you made this video. I have an Apple Watch and recently my iPhone will barely take a charge so I ordered another phone but decided to get Android phone. I then listed my Apple Watch on eBay. I then saw this video. I immediately cancelled my listing and thought could still make use of my Apple Watch? I love the Apple Watch but iPhone not so much. What I like is the alerts, notifications and calls from the Apple Watch. For messaging I used WatchApp which is WhatsApp for the iPhone/Apple Watch. So now I am wondering if you can use the WhatsApp app on an Android and in the settings, scan the QR code that is displayed on Apple Watch in WatchApp app??? I can’t test this yet because my Android phone hasn’t arrived. It’s coming from China so few more weeks in transit. Ugh.

  20. Hi! I'm a bit confused on the steps. Could you please help? I have an apple watch without cellular. But I have an iPhone from my job that I must keep with me at all times with it's own cell phone number. So I don't mind having the phone w me in my purse nearby. My personal phone is a pixel and I have my own personal phone number. Can I still connect?

  21. Fuck that . ANDROID ALL DAY

  22. Hahaah! I also have one but it’s Apple Watch series 6 AND 7 the 7 is mine and the 6 is my friends!


  24. This is a headache, I'm not getting that apple watch

  25. I have 3 watches. They are :
    1) Samsung gear s2 classic.
    2) Samsung gear s3 frontier.
    3) Samsung active.
    Big question! Can I connect all these 3 smart watches with 1 smart phone?

  26. Who else stopped watching after 02:15…?‍♂️

  27. What about if I have an iPad?

  28. Sadly, Apple will never do it, but if they would program an Apple Watch app also for Android Phones, they would do a massive profit. For example, I would use an Apple Watch rather than my old Gear Sport, which is alright, but not as good as the Apple Watch…

  29. Guys used iPhone are about 20$ to 25$ so chill or get one that one of your family members own and dont want from a cousin, uncle, grampa doesn't matter

  30. Luckily have like 3 spare iPhones (iPhone 5s iPhone 6s and a 7 and an doing this on a Google pixel 3 xl

  31. Νο Νο Νο Νοοοο

  32. Either buy an iPhone or trade it in for an android watch you poor ass

  33. Thanks for making it clear that apple watch is not compatible with android phone. Also Samsung watch is pretty awesome.

  34. I don’t use android but thought and it was entertaining

  35. Me with my modified apple watch : laughs in money

  36. Great video! I think you are an absolute IDIOT!! 🙂 Just buy a frikin Iphone

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