Hi, this quick video shows you how to use Bluetooth Headphones on a Samsung Television.
Many thanks Vince

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  1. Mine doesn't have Bluetooth settings

  2. thinking of buying headphones to an old lady with her new 55" samsung tv because her hearing is bad, but does she have to pair them everytime she shuts on/off the tv ? going into menu's etc is not gonna happen for her.

  3. Where should I connect the wires?!!!

  4. My TV doesn't have additional settings option

  5. I like your accent 😉

  6. My Samsung remote and menu doesn't look anything like that. Which TV is that for?

  7. Can you have the sound going to the headphones and tv speakers at the same time?

  8. So if I don’t have that option of Bluetooth audio in that step does that mean my tv is too old or something? I have a Bose speaker blue toothed to it though…..

  9. What if I don’t have Bluetooth audio settings?

  10. Thank you. Finally. It worked perfectly.

  11. Is it possible to have multiple headsets paired to the TV?

  12. I have a Samsung Smart Tv , but that bluetooth feature is not present, is there a way I can still use a bluetooth headphones? Adapter or something?

  13. That’s the way to do it. Awesome best video advice, thank you.

  14. What is your samsung tv model??

  15. any idea how to connect Bose headphones to the Samsung?

  16. Thanks for your assistance, it was quick and to the point,

  17. What make and model headphone are you using. Thanks

  18. quick is the word.

  19. Pause at 0:44 and the dog wants the remote

  20. Samsung UE49MU6400 has Bluetooth but seems to not be connecting to my headphones? any help

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