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iPad as a monitor by wire hdmi connect
= FEBON iCapture grabber card + iPad

iPad app: medialink live


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  1. Not only be as monitor, but also let camcorder be live streaming with iPad iPhone
    (auto login facebook live /youtube live/ twitch live)

  2. Could I use my iPhone 8 as a monitor for my computer doing this? Would the cable even be compatible? What about the app?

  3. Which app you using and where I can get the application… Can u share the application download link

  4. That’s a very over engineered way to connect an iPad.

  5. Could you say that again please only more clearly.

  6. $384 for grey box with tons of wires w/o ipad itself, what?
    External monitors cost same price without headache.

  7. What is the best app to use for this?

  8. The only MediaLink Live I can find in the App Store doesn’t show an HDMI button. Any idea if they removed that function? I don’t know where I would find the version you specify. Thanks!

  9. so many connections for one function. Can you not connect without wires

  10. So much technical knowledge, yet the audio was recorded with two cups and a string

  11. Yeeeeee haaaaarrrr

  12. Sorry – the music made it impossible for me to understand anything of the voice on soundtrack 🙁 = useless 🙁

  13. is it possible to just buy a HDMI cable for the ipad to connect it to a camera?

  14. Is this the music from The Benny Hill show?

  15. Dis is Iped. And now is time for a HOE DOWN! YEEEEEEEEEEE HAAAAAW!

  16. Can I do the same with my samsung? The old one.

  17. So much going on in this video and none of it is understandable… useless video.

  18. may I use ipad as monitor if my camera doesn't have wifi/bluetooth?

  19. I had been looking for a video like this one, and my gosh, what a bad taste. Country music a high volume, what the heck? The music doesn't let me listen the voice and explanation… I'm surprised it doesn't have dislikes. I truly dislike it!

  20. Would have been informative if it was not for the Silly Music

  21. this music….Jesus man.

  22. What’s this Brokeback mountain music doing with an Asian who hardly speaks English? Then to comment on the rig, that’s so much of a pain in the butt, I’m sure all of that costs as much as a $120 cheap monitor on amazon. Waste of time and you’re scratching the heck out of all of your stuff.

  23. Great tip, thank you ??

  24. The music is very distracting with videos like this. This is an instructional video and really doesn’t help. Please consider this in the future. Thanks.

  25. why wouldnt you just use the WiFi option on your camera to your ipad. You can then use all the settings from your device

  26. Ack! Careful! You are scratching all equipments!! Good tip tho!

  27. I would like to ask you the name of this base that you pasted dsrl and the ipad? Thank you

  28. Can you attach links to all of the equipment you used?

  29. I wana use my canon t6 & ipad mini 1st gen as a photo booth. Will this setup work instead of using the wifi in the camera?

  30. 哈哈哈哈哈哈猜对地区

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