USB flash drives, USB card readers and USB hard drives can now be used with your iPad or iPhone using a Lightning to USB 3 adapter in iOS 13 and iPadOS.

Check out the gear I mention in this video:
Lightning to USB 3 adapter –
Anker Powered USB Hub –

In this video, I let you know everything YOU need to know about external USB drive support in iOS 13 and iPadOS 13.1.

Covered in the video:
– Which models of iPad and iPhone support iOS 13 and…

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  1. Finally I can edit my YouTube videos without having to delete files all the time..
    Thank you so much for this,

  2. Finally I can edit my YouTube videos without having to delete files all the time..
    Thank you so much for this,

  3. What if your hard drive has its own power source would I still need the dongle?

  4. I think this is good to know ! is possible to plug the usb to a printer ?

  5. Can u now use headphones for music

  6. I have an ipad mini 3, (2014), I assume I can use one of those L to USB adap's, or USB's? tks, Mona, UK

  7. Is it possible to transfer data from a microchip reader to an ipad and into a excell spreadsheet while using this technique??

  8. Can I transfer files ipad to SD cards using this method ? Please help !!

  9. Hi what’s the best way to get a video off my android phone onto my iPad

  10. Do you need WiFi for this?

  11. I have a usb with usb and lightning port connection on other end works fine with no power message

  12. Excellent video! Can you please do a review on the CoverBuddy cases from SwitchEasy?

    I would like to know if they’re worth it or not! Thank you ?

  13. Great, Pete! So, can i watch movies from my flash memory on my iPad mini 5?

  14. can you transfer say, the images from your SD card to another USB hardrive at the same time? using ipad as the middle man?

  15. No comment on file types?

  16. Does a ready boosted flash drive work on ios?

  17. So, Apple iPad cannot mount Apple formatted HDDs… Just absurd!

  18. Too bad you waited until 8 minutes in to say these tips aren’t necessary with the 2018 iPad Pro!

  19. Well done sir. Can you transfer large files like movies from a iPad to a flash drive?

  20. Does this work on regular iPad 2019 version with iOS 13 and 7th gen model?

  21. Can I plug in my usb c external drive?

  22. Even tho I plugged it in it still doesn’t work with power

  23. The use of a USB hub with power (such as the one used in the video) makes the use of an Apple Lightning to USB 3 Camera possible. At this writing shopping for a Lightening to USB 3 Camera is easier to find than the Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter (such as the one used in the video). The lightning connection is being phased out. I updated my iPad Air 2 early in 2020, which turned shopping for cables into hunting for cables. But this video gave me enough information to know exactly what my options were for getting this to work. I found the Lightning connections and the thumb drives and have successfully moved my photos from my iPad. My thanks to you Pete.

  24. How do you copy YouTube videos to a flash drive…

  25. what happens that I cannot see my usb listed on the browse list in the file folder?

  26. Is it possible to use usb drive via ipad to play music off usb

  27. Hey because i have ios12.4.5 in my ipad if I use the sandisk flash drive won’t I need my ipad to be pluged for extra power as u mentioned ?

  28. Is this only for ipad pro? How about ipad 6th gen? Already updated my OS.

  29. Are you sure I can only do this if I have ios 13 because I have an Ipad mini 2 and I can’t afford buying a laptop but i want to use my ipad as a laptop. Is it still possible if I have ios 12.4 or no?

  30. Can i use the usb plug to connect remote for a projector ?

  31. Hi,
    does it external hard disk ?

  32. Ahh The dongle life…
    Excellent video have a nice one!

  33. What screen is that? Can you zoom in? Nothing happens on mine

  34. Works like a CHARM! I wanted to play a game with wireless keyboard and mouse and the mouse has a usb inside it I got it out and I played with keyboard was so FUN!

  35. Why when i insert they say too less more power

  36. You can save photos and videos from iPhone to external memory using this procedure

  37. Hi Pete, I have a serious problem and dont know what to do? I had a lot of Pdf ebooks on my Ipad that I had bought. They were using up to much data on the device, in the library app. So in order to free up space I was transfering the books onto Sandisk Flash drive. Now a lot of the books are on there but there is a lot more to go. Thing is while doing the transfers the data was filling up more rather than freeing up space. So I was prompted to close most of my apps on the ipad. After awhile the data filled up again. Now I can not use the Ipad as none of my apps will reinstall and nether can I open any files on my ipad due to all data used up. I can not delete anything more on the device. I would have though that transfering the files onto a external flash drive would free up data, not use it all up. Any help at all would be much appreciated thank you

  38. Would it work with a OTG camera

  39. Hey mine powerbank don‘t work with the adapter. It has 5V and up to 2A. What‘s the output of the one you have used in the video?

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