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Want to view your iPhone on a TV? Want to make your TV a Smart TV? Here is a simple solution. This is the best iPhone to tv cable!

In this video I will be showing you a cool and inexpensive method to connect and view any Apple iPhone on any TV with a HDMI cable.

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Things I use in this video

– Camera:
– Microphone:
– Lighting Kit: …

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  1. Hey buddy I order my cable over 3 weeks ago and I haven’t received anything looks like I got scammed

  2. Doesnt work on Netflix

  3. what is not mentioned is that it will not allow netflix

  4. I still haven’t received mine. Smh

  5. Is it possible to view Amazon Prime Video/ Hotstar / Netflix?

  6. Greedy corporations have it set so that paid content like Netflix… can only work through $50 Apple cable. What I'm amazed by is that the corporations cooperate with each other rather than with their customers. Before streaming it used to be that when you bought content like an album, tape or CD it was yours to play whenever, where ever you want. I remember back then when articles would describe the plans for digital and streaming and everyone thought that was completely Orwellian and would never happen.

  7. I’m trying to play Apple TV from my iPhone to my TV but every time I plug in the adapter the movies won’t load. As soon as I unplug the adapter the movie plays on my phone. Does anyone know how to solve this problem? My adapter is from apple.

  8. It looks a little delayed idk if it’s that good for gaming

  9. You look like the drummer for breaking Benjamin lol

  10. I see Fortnite I click

  11. Hi i plugged my cable after 2 months it’s showing QR code … what to do

  12. Does it work with iPhone 11?

  13. I did just that, but I am stuck at a black screen with a QR code while using it in conjunction with an HDMI-to-Composite adapter. Please help me get the screen to work.

  14. I’ll definitely buy one but before I do can you confirm that these are compatible to watch funimation and crunchyroll because I know most aren’t compatible with Netflix and Hulu and whatnot

  15. Click bait. No shit u need the adapter. Title the video like u have some way to connect your phone to the tv with some method. Stupid. And also did a tutorial on hooking up the adapter. Lol. Classic.

  16. doesnt work iphone 8plus.

  17. Next step: Buy an old Apple TV for 10 bucks and go wireless 🙂

  18. Dude be watching seseme street lol

  19. Thank you! I upvoted and saved this for my Roku smart tv I refuse to get some chromecast or fire stick or worse some third party streaming service. Thanks boss boss’

  20. When I set this up my iPhone did not ask me to trust this pc.

  21. Does it work with a iPad to

  22. Will this work with a video projector?

  23. Does it connect to iPad 2018?
    Please answer

  24. Very noticeable input lag from iPhone to tv

  25. So then what’s the point of Apple TV?

  26. So I have an IPhone 7Plus. Latest software. Last night my Apple HDMI was working perfectly. This morning nothing. The HDMI cable works fine. ?

  27. you need to cut the very low frequencies from your audio, my sub was going crazy in the first minute

  28. Can you use a controller with it as well specially Xbox

  29. Does this show horizontal on web browser like chrome or apple browser?

  30. doesnt work on IOS 13
    I hate i upgraded

  31. is there a delay? like when u play a game

  32. This dude ripped me I off I bought this thing and it doesn’t work.

  33. Hello there. I noticed that before you hooked the lighting cable your tv was showing a barcode. That barcode appears in my screen but nothing else. Please help me!!!! Get rid of barcode

  34. can i also use netflix on fullsccreen ??

  35. you can also connect your iPad or iPhone to your tv if it has a USB port.

  36. will it mirror google chrome browser horizontal ?

  37. Well the issue that I have is that I am using the adapter for it and once I opened the game there is no audio just video to be more specific I'm trying to open pubg mobile

  38. This worked with my iPhone 7 a month ago then my phone got some kind of update and since it will not work with the cable just get a QR code

  39. Mine keeps saying to scan a qr code after I selected trust the device.

  40. Need Help ! –  So I picked up one of these and when I plug it into the tv I get some QR scan code at the bottom right of the screen with a long number.. Is there an update that needs to be done? I tried it on 2 separate tv's and on my gaming monitor all came up the same way.. just a black screen with a long number on the bottom right with a QR code box

  41. The TV app doesn’t work with this when I try playing a movie because it just freezes. But when I exit the movie then it works again. I even downloaded the movie onto my phone but I had no luck. Please help.

  42. YouTube doesn’t work

  43. My man watching Sesame Street

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