The Apple Watch pairs with your iPhone over Bluetooth, but when you’re out of range, it can still do a few things all on its own.

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  1. It appears that you’ve likely never even seen a running route.

  2. What part of “without an iPhone” don’t you get.

  3. I wish the Apple Watch was a stand alone product

  4. Hello peeps, today is the happiest day seeing my iPhone XR work again hacker_rodney1 on Instagram really helped me he can unlock all form of Apple gadgets he’s a pro

  5. It’s not true that you can use it without iPhone.

  6. Getting Apple Watch tomorrow how will I set it up not got iPhone?

  7. Would it work by pairing with an iPod Touch? That is if you can pair it with an iPod Touch?

  8. But do you have to have an iPhone to pair it first?

  9. k but you still need an iPhone, so you mean "without an iPhone in range?"

  10. Catch up on your emails on a 1.5" Screen….yeahhhh.. Of Course!!

  11. I don't have an iPhone i only have a huawei did i should buy an series 3?

  12. HOw though? I have an unpaired apple watch and I can't get passed the initial pairing screen!

  13. I want an apple watch but I have a Samsung, will an ipad work?

  14. What I want to know is if you can change the watch look without a iphone. I've seen people who's watch looks like minnie and her hands are the watch hands.

    Really like the look of this watch and want to use it solely as a watch without an iphone. But I want to be able to costumize it.

  15. It sort of a coincidence. I opened your video, but I planned to watched it after I returned from shopping. After I arrived at the store I realized that I had forgotten to take my iPhone with me. So as I checked out I nervously crossed my fingers that my Apple Pay would work without my iPhone with me. Yahoo! It worked. Then I came back home, watched your video, and you told me Apple Pay works without the iPhone. Why didn't you tell me that before I went to the store so I wouldn't have been a bit stressed? 🙂

  16. Clickbait. It said “how to” not “things it can do”

  17. Need to pair ur watch with an apple watch app first though

  18. Does this watch work in other phones

  19. My friend has his in class and mine is being shipped right now and I kidna broke my iPhone and can't get a replacement lol

  20. I am looking to buy the Apple watch series 3 I don't have an iPhone as I'm an android user can I still use it? Or do you need to set it up with an iPhone? I have a MacBook pro. If i do get an iPhone I'll wait till next year for the next iteration.

  21. So I can buy one and use it (even though I use Android) ? Found one cheap in great condition.

  22. if you have an Android hey an Android watch duh!

  23. Wish itr worked for Android 🙁

  24. This was an excellent video, thank you so much.
    Might I add, you are also a fine Filly too 🙂

  25. so to asnwer my question to use the apple watch period u do need an iphone

  26. actually you can connect your watch to WiFi

  27. Can we use the Apple Watch even if the Bluetooth on your iPhone is off?

  28. I prefer the pebble.

  29. I want to change to android but I don't want to sell my apple watch :c

  30. how do you get it on time mode or the fitness or music … without an iphone? i can't get past "pairing"? i just git this for Christmas?

  31. Thank you. One and only video to explain Apple Watch functions without iphone. Great!

  32. can u pair an apple watch with a samsung galaxy

  33. Can a I watch work without iPhone completely

  34. I track my running routes.

  35. Can you do games without your phone

  36. Can we play the games we download without being paired with your iphone?

  37. So will I have to buy an iPhone before I get the Apple watch I need an answer

  38. she acts like she runs a lot. she doesn' t look to fit tho

  39. I'm not sure but ,if anyone else needs to find out about iphone user guide try Nevolly iPhone Blueprint Nerd(Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) ? Ive heard some interesting things about it and my friend got amazing success with it.

  40. yeah can I tell time? fucking course it can tell time

  41. I don't have an iPhone period. Will it still at least tell time because that's all I want it to do?

  42. Can it hook up to android?

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