www.techstore.co.in – we showcase the latest successor of HP pavilion line of laptops ,the AU series which will be replacing the AB series shortly. Watch the full video for complete info

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  1. I am using one. Worst key travel according to me. Other things are fine.

  2. This support extra ssd .. anyone have idea about upgrading hard-disk to ssd

  3. im having au007tx model its having an glossy hd display , i want to upgrade my hd display into Ips full hd display , may i have any suggestion about it , and one more doubt au084tx model has same configuration like au007tx except its display , it is having an ips display , may i assemble au084tx display screen in my au007tx model ???

  4. Sir, Planning to buy AU620tx ,but i heard lot of au series is having screen flickering issue. And also webcam is bad. Could you please help me in that. Does Dell 5567 i5 is better than this ?

  5. Anyone who brought this know weather it has a m.2 ssd slot? Looks like it

  6. please tell me which one should I buy from HP au114tx , au623tx and au004tx Gd. These are my last 3 options

  7. au624tx has an ips display…right?

  8. your voice and the english you speak is dammn superb

  9. I found some reviews of au084tx which says 4gb graphic memory doesn't perform well!! is it true?

  10. Hi sir I'm planning to buy 15-AU624TX and decide to raise 8gb ram and now what's the question is means what brand you will suggest either (DDR4) TRANSCEND or KINGSTON?? Which one is best ???
    Plz sir I need your suggestion becoz already I bought 15-AU134TX and got replacement due to screen flickering issues.

  11. i have hp au116tx and it has screen flickering problem. does all au series have that ??

  12. how is display and brightness of hp au084tx ?
    as it has antiglare display so brightness is low than a normal hd display or what?

  13. can I upgrade ram memory up to 16gb by corsair's ddr4 ram in hp au009tx laptop actually I have 8 gb ram preinstalled in its one slot and I even don't know which company's ram it is so can I upgrade another empty slot of ram by corsair's 8 gb ram.

  14. Did he said dickstore? in the beginning????

  15. it's having metallic body??

  16. plz upload a latest HP laptop 15 AU003 NE corei7 6th generation ram 16 GB 6th gen of 2016

  17. which laptops from AU Series is best till date

  18. Which One is better
    HP 15-AU009TX Or Dell 5559

  19. plz upload gaming review of au084tx im gonna buy it's new version au116tx

  20. are there any flexes on the screen part and keyboard parts????

  21. how many ram slots are present in this laptop. and can the 4gb upgraded to 8 or 16gb?

  22. there is 5k difference between hp tx149 and hp 008tx so which one is good for coding and good battery life

  23. is Hp au009 is gud for video editing and architectural designng works?

  24. ok… au003 has led lcd hd display,, how worse will it be compared to the display of au084…

  25. is there any heating issue near harddisk in au009tx i have heard it somewhere…?

  26. I'm facing a problem. whenever I plug in charger it's shows not charging. but on shutting down the window it charges well. In nut shell, I'm not able to charge my device in running condition. kindly help me out.

  27. this one or asus r510jx? performance and display main priority. please suggest me

  28. plz someone suggest me best gaming laptop under 50k …. so I can play batman arkham knight, GTA v , just cause 3 and many more games ……

  29. 2 16gb ram supported??

  30. In my laptop the camera quality is not good shown in your video why? Please help me….!!!

  31. Very nice review,audio is superb,does it support m.2 sad or only hdd only ??

  32. well I have seen in HP the performance declines after few months of usage but in dell the performance is consistent why is it so?
    I have both the laptops but now the problem is HP has a better configuration than Dell
    so admin can you throw some light on that.

  33. well u can wait till 7th August as the HP laptop prices are going to drop.

  34. Nice Review! Is this the best laptop I can get at this price range?

  35. what's the use of subscription if u can't response

  36. Iam going to buy hp 15 au008tx . Tell me if I can get anything better than this at this price range of 80000 inr.

    2tb i7 16gb ddr4 and 4gb graphic

  37. bought this laptop 3 days ago for 55000 rs..a decent performance at tht price. 4gb graphics are supporting heavy games satisfactorily at medium graphics.everything is awsome in it just it falls short at ram which thankfully is upgradable.
    though by far now i havt come across ne ram issue…?

  38. want to buy a budget gaming laptop so need ur suggestions as I could find only two laptops in the category 1. Dell 5559Y566511 and 2. HP Au084TX so which one is better and better display.

  39. does this model have a m2 slot???

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