HP Pavilion x360 13.3″ gold convertible laptop review
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It’s that time of year again when all the kids and some of us adults are heading back to school, and it brings up a popular topic: what is the best laptop for students? For Windows, the 2016 HP Pavilion x360 is a 2-in-1 convertible laptop that makes a strong case for being a great choice. Full Disclaimer: I did receive this laptop for free to review, but like all my reviews these are my honest and…

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  1. Why my laptop HP Pavilion x360 can't receive emails and can't send email…

  2. I have one of these I think they super shit becuase they cant run much games only csgo at 10 frames

  3. What about the GPU in using graphics programs, like Adobe collection?

  4. Hai bro I bought a new gaming laptop. How long should I charge it for the first time ???? Some suggest 24 hrs …… waiting for your kind response

  5. I have the same laptop but my display screen is not auto rotating can you tell me how to rotate display screen

  6. I'm using the x360 with a 512 gig hdd and let me tell you.. getting a BSOD from that thing is not nice, so please get yourself the one with ssd and don't dodge the price

  7. Will it support sandisk 3d ultra 500gb ssd???

  8. I have the silver model of this but it was 1000$ I dont know why

  9. Bought it now!! So awesome!!!

  10. My computer is slow and I don’t know how to fix it

  11. Hello sir I'm wondering if you could tell me in which port should i use to connect with rj-45 cable?

  12. i have the exact same laptop.(i5 7th gen) i only get about 3-4 hours of battery life. also, the performance depreciates after a year or so. the bezel is really fat.

  13. I am sorry, I can't hear you, because of the FAN IS TO FREAKIN LOUD!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't recommend this laptop…….

  14. I have a pavilion x360 (i5 6th generation) and it was working pretty well, except I dropped water and the fan keeps making noises since then, plus my battery has gone down to lesser than an hour. 🙁 What do I do?

  15. I bought this over a year ago – its really slow, always wanting to update – can take 20 mins to start most times – occasionally it works as it should and quite quickly – but not to be recommended.

  16. Please tell me what to do when the screen is black and not working

    Mine is same laptop 15.6 inch

  17. I have a hard time finding those laptops 🙁 i want one so bad.

  18. But can it run Fortnite?

  19. I have the red one and I found difficulty in playing some games on that since it is limited to low GB games

  20. Ya its a decent laptop but i have to say I got the I laptop and honestly the storage space app solidly sucks I ran out of storage space like a week after I got it like what is this

  21. 2 years later and i bought myself this laptop for around $380 dollars on sale, works great, also runs some games smoothly.

  22. Worst laptop ever. Regret buying it

  23. Does IT come with a stylus

  24. The fucking fan is too noisy

  25. Really great laptop

  26. just a question, should it work ok with Linux? ubuntu etc. thank you

  27. More than excellent review!!!! thanks a lot it has been so clarifying.

  28. 760$ Gets you around 60fps in CS-GO

  29. Can you make internal upgrades on this laptop

  30. Anyone else have a sh*t battery life ? like mine barely lasts my 2hr uni lectures using word document !

  31. can this laptop do animation

  32. This laptop is crap it's freezes,touch screen sticks,screen can get damaged easily

  33. does it gets backlight keyboard?????/

  34. Why didn't y'all have the keyboard light up and how to add more storages to it

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