First Impressions of the HP Pavilion x360 M3 Convertible 2 in 1 Laptop: A Solid Laptop for Students!
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With Back To School Students looking for new gear, I started thinking about the best laptops for students and those in college. HP sent over the HP Pavilion x360 M3-u003dx Convertible Laptop for me to try out and share with you. They are a hardware sponsor.

The HP Pavilion M3 has some great features, including 8GB of Ram a 6th Generation…

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  1. My dude you gotta show more of the product your reveiwing in the future, will help out your videos and likes alot…?✌

  2. I love his videos! He give so much good information. I literally just purchased this laptop because I am a college student! Thanks ??

  3. I have this laptop but im sad they have a new one for the same price with USB C.

  4. roberto i really need help trying to look for a laptop I'm only faithfully using for music production i need a laptop to stay mobile I'm back and forth between the mainland what else should i look for besides 1tb and 8-16 ram and core i7 I'm also new to all this tech so I'm educating myself on all of this is new to me

  5. Does the stylus come with this specific model and is it available at best buy?

  6. Please can someone tell me what steam games it can run

  7. i use autocad and revit on the hp 360 and works great, also Photoshop and illustrator ( light stuff)

  8. thnx,,,appreciated the info.

  9. can I stream on twitch??? playing Minecraft and H1z1 maybe gta5 too. can it handle streaming those games?

  10. Hello Robert,
    I just purchased Hp pavilion 360, I need to use stylus on it. Can you please help me with this. Which stylus will work on it?
    Thank you,

  11. thanks for the vid!
    pen support?

  12. I was wondering if the fan noise is loud ? I've recently bought this and my fan is very loud and I wanted to know if that's normal ?

  13. I'm contemplating going for an i3 version of this rather than an i5 cause it's a lot cheaper, do you think it would make a lot of difference?

  14. Hard disk of how much gb ?

  15. is it good for programming or hardcoding?

  16. Ghost touching….. My pavilion is 6 days, how do you do now? I have upgrade the firmware touch but the problem is persistent

  17. I subscribed your a good channel

  18. The ole whack em in the face test lol
    Great review. I have this same computer. It's nice just wish the SSD was a little bigger, like 256. Otherwise I love it

  19. Hi, Roberto, I do enjoy the features of the HP Pavilian X360, but I actually do a lot of Photoshop and video editing work as well. Laptops with greater features in terms of using Photoshop and video editing software will be much better. Can you recommend some laptops for me plz? Look forward to hearing from you. (Btw, I am a student in university)

  20. Hi Roberto.

    Thanks for the review. This is on sale for black Friday at $699 (Canadian) but what's confusing me is you say it's not great for creatives, why is this? It has i5, 8gb ram and ssd… I plan on working creatively and running a website and social media page along with some design work, photo editing and possibly video editing at a later date. So I'm concerned it won't be up to par for my needs but I can't quite see why. I've watched your other videos and this spec sheet seems good enough. Could you shed some light on it please.

    You're my favourite tech channel on YouTube btw. Thanks for all the effort you put in

  21. whats the price? is it good for facebook and stuff

  22. so the 128gig ssd is up gradable ? cause 128gigs isn't enought tbh.

  23. what is the difference between hp pavillion x360 M3-u003dx and hp pavillion x360 s128nr?

  24. i need full screen and key pad protector 4 in 1 plz help me where i found in Saudi Arabia.

  25. I might be pretty late but will you do a review on the Hp stream 11 in and 13 in

  26. I really find your review very helpful .. thanks !

  27. Please help me with it; I am business student, need a laptop for college work mostly on MS office and other accounting softwares, I watch a lot of movies, TV shows and youtube videos and need storage for all these. Nothing much. My budget is around $400. Suggest me a laptop with at least 4gb of ram, core i3, a good decent display and portability. Thank you!

  28. Tell us about good ultrabooks in comparison to something like the acer aspire s7

  29. may i know the difference between HP Pavilion 13-s102Tu and HP Pavilion 13-u004tu

  30. Is this pen compatible?

  31. can you manually upgrade to 16gb?

  32. Sir, you NEED to check out the Dell Inspiron 13, 7000 series. BEAST of a laptop that's also 2-in-1. Great specs, great display, great build quality, great keyboard, great performance, and I could go on. Its amazing! Great review!!!

  33. The good ole "hit in the face" test. 😀

  34. I'll never purchase another HP product. They use to make good quality products but the last 2 years I've been diappointed with everything I've purchased. 2 printers and one laptop in one year. Their products don't last. My laptop started falling apart after 13 months. I never use it for my traveling computer. It never leaves my desk. The body is separating, the sound is now terrible and the screen is fuzzy. For $1,000. it should at least last me a few years. 2 printers that consistently have issues. No more HP for me!!!

  35. Ordered this laptop from my local store for delivery tomorrow, can't wait to get it.

  36. would love some budget laptop suggestions for graphic design students running photoshop, illustrator and indesign! (with some video editing)

  37. Dell Inspiron i5559-4413SLV is having only 1366×768 screen resolution is it ok

  38. hey Wassup Roberto love your channel

  39. so how much space does it have?

  40. love the video nice laptop as well

  41. Hey Roberto
    I am looking for a new computer for using it with photoshop and premier but I am still on a student budget. You said you do not recommend this model for those softwares so I was wondering if you could suggest something else please? (I don't really have a preference between a laptop or a computer tower.) Thank you Roberto for giving advice!

  42. Roberto, I know you have a lot of subscribers, but if by chance you read this. if I don't have alot to spend, but looking for a laptop that will allow me to record videos and edit them too. what would you recommend?

  43. microsoft surface touch i7 newest gen

  44. what does it cost

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