A lot of you have been asking me of this handcam video, I finally did it. I hope you enjoy this video. Don’t forget to give it a like and maybe if you are not subscribe yet You might want to hit that subscribe button as I upload daily Pubg videos so you don’t miss any of them ❤️✌️



Thank you for all the support…

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  1. Wow 2 finger player ?

  2. What map is this?

  3. Pa top fan ako idol

  4. Wow playing with just thumbs on an I pad waste of potential

  5. You play well because your device 🙂

  6. Nyimak player hp samsung a20s

  7. 534 dislikes of Groza lover

  8. Hi dude I'm using Galaxy A70 But I'm switching to ipad mini 5

  9. Proud PINOY hereeee????????

  10. Naka auto fire ka? Bat parang di mo pinipindot ung fire button..

  11. Please, what is the song name at the end of the video

  12. Can i know? This is ipad? I mean ipad mini 1 or 2 or 3?

  13. dude omg I play on ipad mini and when I land I lag crazyyyyyy and sometimes the buildings don’t load maybe because my ipad is like 4 years old

  14. Idol pwede gantong handcam naman sa asus rog phone mo? Gusto ko matuto, nqkaphone kc ako… Salamat ng sobra idol, pag nanotice mo to???

  15. Which recorder do you use?

  16. Как где пальцы

  17. why not use high graphics?

  18. Lahat ng nagsabi sayo na hacker ka ehh newbie or Wala pang alam Kung ano Yung galawan ng mga pro. Kasi kapag hacker nababaril ka yan kahit Hindi mo nakikita at merong kalaban na ilambeses mo nang binaril Hindi parin na mamatay

  19. nagiisang player na 2 thumbs kahit naka ipad na, idol talaga!! Pa shout out Lods, next video!! More power ?

  20. Try mo naman sunod dalawang kalingkingan pre

  21. Paps pahingi nman ng settings mo jan

  22. It pains me when u didnt take the groza

  23. can u give us a feedback about the ipad mini 5, wala po bang framedrop when u play pubg m? and mas okay na rin ba sia gamiten when ur streaming thanks btw

  24. What software you used to record gameplay?

  25. I love your game play❣ Really amazing. From philippines ?

  26. They'll probably think you're using an emulator lol

  27. you didn't even use earphones how you knew the location of enemies

  28. I think movement is faster on ipads than on mobiles

  29. Does it annoy me only when his iPad Button is turn to the left?

  30. Nice ganda ng ng video pre, upgraded

  31. 709k people watch but only 109k people subscribe

  32. I planning to buy this ipad mini 2019 model, is it worth invest? pubg global is going to launch 120fps mode. should i wait for that?

  33. Which ipad mini u r using ?

  34. Ty si Čech ak áno mohli by sme dať hru

  35. ganda ng device mo lods.
    pag peek sabay na sabay ♥

  36. I'd like a reaction like yours for my 4-finger game.

  37. Pro player in two fingers, say even nothing to acquire, let us poobladiruem for excellent reaction, have mandated 1, and game in 2 finger!

  38. Morning guy's super dober amazing..pls hug me

  39. How much is the ipad mini? lol

  40. Thanks for 600subs? Lol damn bro u grew harder than a mustard seed

  41. Lods pano mag aim setting nmn dyan lods oh

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