I Bought 33 Broken Gaming Laptops – Can I Fix Them and Make Money?

—I was able to sell all of the laptop and made 40% profit on the pallet—

We open a mystery box pallet of customer returned gaming laptops and Macs worth $50,000. We are unboxing a pallet of customer returned laptops a month so be there.

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  1. when are you fixing it exactly???

  2. I thought you were going to fix these laptops, not auction them off.

  3. Where'd you find the pallet for sale? Besides Liquidation.com which seems like misc tech and govdeals for used lots, I haven't been able to find laptop lots.

  4. can i have one of them for free cuz im broke XD

  5. Do u sell any of that gaming laptop?

  6. did u sale anything?

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