The Coolest Phone You’ve Never Heard Of…

Craig Wireless Netbook (USA Link) –
Craig Wireless Netbook (International) –

I had hopes that this $39 laptop may exceed expectations (considering the price point). Turns out I received a lemon. Several keys on the keyboard did not function eliminating my opportunity to properly test it. The entire user interface was bizarre and the…

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  1. it looks like a DS

  2. Kid: Mom, I want a laptop for Christmas!
    Mom: Sees this video …Say no more

  3. I have a version of this

  4. I have one of these,bought it 2013 on Ebay,used,no Wonder that they sold that Thing????The Keyboard etc is working,but it is so damn slow,256 mb Ram and 4 Gb Storage, ridicules ???

  5. Thank god my school didn’t watch this

  6. That' s the world shittiest laptop.

  7. This laptop is very dissapointed

  8. Oe of my favorite videos from Uox Therapy

  9. I think my first smartphone is more powerful then this.

  10. I bought a $69 dollar laptop


  11. can you install linux on it

  12. A channel that shows next-gen technology shows us one of the crappiest things you can get online. That was hilarious! Don't forget to put a link in the description so I can get one. ?

  13. I bet it will run cyber punk very nice

  14. Even a 4 dollar phone is able to watch youtube

  15. Thanks man your video's are the best ?❤️

  16. 39$ to get early version chromebook is worth while lol.(In fact it is android laptop XD)

  17. Happy birthday to the gallery folder

  18. me: mom can you get me a laptop
    Mom: we already have a laptop

    laptop at home:

  19. my school gave me a tablet as a prize , after 5 days it broke up …

  20. Well it looks like a nitendo to me

  21. actually its a pretty useful laptop for in the trashcan

  22. I am living in haïti how can i buy one

  23. What More To Expect From A 39$ Dollar Laptop.?

  24. Does it have a budget version? Seems kind of expensive.

  25. What games can i play on it

  26. look like a custom ds

  27. i have never seen a funnier computer video ever man thx for the laught

  28. Still not affordable though…

  29. Lew: I'm switching to the 39 dollar laptop
    Facepalm thumbnail

  30. Even this is powerful than my loptop!
    God damn

  31. I would prefer this rather than an iphone, coz Headphone jack….

  32. 2008 was the netbook year of rage.

  33. I actuallu had one of these?

  34. You gave up too soon. External keyboard & mouse, baby! Maybe the Youtube app worked.. we'll never know.

  35. "It's like if an Android phone was a laptop."
    Google's chromebook has entered the chat

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