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Mail:Teddy Safarian
2506 W. Main St #200
Littleton,Co, 80120

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  1. Nice Adi Cap Teddy ???

  2. Looking good having been shaved. Fresh as fuck bruh.

  3. Yes! The sneaker scene in Denver sucks!

  4. Where's the watch B-Roll!? ???

  5. @ohitsteddy or anyone on here, how limited were the multicolor ultra boost 1.0?

  6. You named your dog after Qias?

  7. Blessing to you bro, sager and my boy Hyima cool cats for real. Trying to connect you with the vintage shop STATION in Denver. Heading to their pop up in LA tomorrow

  8. So u r also a metal head?

  9. Get the clear boxes for your shoes make it easier for you.

  10. Abby at 2:53 though, god damn

  11. all black blaze> apple watch. you arent going swimming and you arent playing games on your wrist. The blaze is a watch, stepper and heart rate monitor and it does not scratch. Plus fitbit is very helpful with replacement parts or issues.

  12. Such nice apt waiting to see the wrath of baby Omar ? my boy steals my shoes

  13. Please sell me your beat wood woods its my grail so hard to find a size 13 here in Australia! ??????

  14. I know he's probably said it before but what is that long sleeve he was wearing? Shit was dope

  15. Just watched the Crews video… I peed a little. ?

  16. I see it's Thomas the franchise in the pop up ?

  17. Good Mornin B.G. Hey Ted, when is the "mystery bag" gonna hit your site? Gonna def cop a few fam. Stay Fly. #BoostMobb RAYTONA $ICKWID'IT RECORDS

  18. Does it track how many Diet Cokes you drink?

  19. The guys with the OG NMDs and Nike Socks killed me.

  20. Are you going to draw on the all whites

  21. I counted a minimum of 220 pairs. Assuming he got them all at retail at an average of $200 thats $44,000. Everyone knows they are worth more (human races, yeezys, ltd, etc.)

  22. I need to know that song in the cinematic shots! Anyone know?

  23. There are great sleeping apps that you can use for the  Watch in the AppStore. I use AutoSleep. Just download it and forget it. It automatically knows when you sleep at night. Charge the watch before you sleep though!

  24. "I signed a wang" sounds low key gay tho

  25. Thanks to Sager, now I need that Kith Cobra Shirt

  26. Shoutout to the greatest TV series of all time "the wire." And naming your dog after the best character in the show!

  27. The band added like an extra 350 dollars in price

  28. Dope vlog broski.

  29. Nah you're right Teddy, how you gonna be a grown ass man and go to Warped Tour? Are you Matthew McConaughey in Dazed and Confused? Do you still wear Vans? Are you looking to die from heat stroke?

  30. how you gonna hate on the orange n blue? -__-

  31. Did anyone think that the watch in the thumbnail was a karambit?

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