Do I ban him?
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  1. Should I ban him? LOL anyways if you guys can LEAVE ME A LIKE <3 And also SUB if you are new! Thanks for watching 😀

  2. I Know trantax hes trash

  3. you use badlion?

  4. this hacks peoples Minecraft java and steals them he is bad person

  5. #CLIFFHANGER DJTasty how u gonna do us like dat And about the How to HCF Make your rank Default so its the real how to hcf, no higher queue or anything like that just like meezoid's

  6. this guy sucks i quickies him on infernal

  7. 5:52 you could literally walk around the gates


  9. Bruh that Trantax guy is trash. Me and my faction made him raidable this map. He doesnt even know how to properly trap.


  11. Thanks for entertaining me!

  12. Everytime Im on you aren’t on LOOOL

  13. It's figgs ♥️

  14. I swear Tasty falls into a trap every video lmao
    good vid 🙂


  16. Pls make the lets plays 15 minutes or more

  17. Third account,
    Liked and subbed

  18. This is my second account, liked and subbed

  19. Ima like and comment on all my YT accounts

  20. GUYS LEAVE 21tousand LIKES AND A SUB

  21. nooo i dont want to wait WHYYYY

  22. I swear Tasty is the most Braindead youtuber sometimes. He was scared about getting stuck in Trantax area on the left. He peareld out the fence gates when he could have just walked out…. 5:36 love you tasty ?♥️

  23. I have a series idea thats not like "PVP" related its on Hypixel because HCF is getting a bit boring IN MY OPINION (I still watch because your vids are funny xD) But the series is hypixel skyblock and maybe u should play it because it's really fun and you can even play coops with friends

  24. AHAHHA u almost walked back in that faller

  25. just ran into you in gg your teammate was bagal

  26. Also use Lunar client

  27. Pulling a Smexi? Jesus christ. Smexi used to do cliffhangers ALL the time and HOLY SHIT I loved smexi.

  28. Eehhmm you said “ Pearls fwork on this server so try to pearl everything” NO YOUR WRONG THEY DONT WORK DUMBo

  29. <333 Tasty love the highlight to the hair on the back!

  30. Wait for next vid i made him raidable 😀

  31. I broke the rules I liked on 3 accounts?

  32. Bruh how you gonna leave us on that cliffhanger bruh not ok
    #CLIFFHANGER next episode better feature me and some hot stinkin pvp mr Tasty

  33. hey djtasty im sry i cant watch your video rn i have to go to sleep is 2:27 am i gotta go ill watch it when i wake up cya

    can i get a <3 on this comment

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